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#NEBT - "Taunted" by Felicity Brandon

Title: Taunted by Felicity Brandon
Series: The Dark Necessities Prequel: Dalton’s Tale– Book Two
Hash tags: #DarkRomance #Billionaire #BDSM #Revenge
Tag Line: She showed me the light when she came into my life.
And reminded me just how dark love can be. 
Release date:  19th January 2020

Universal Buy link: mybook.to/Taunted

Goodreads TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50475415-taunted


She showed me the light when she came into my life.
And reminded me just how dark love can be.
I saved Delilah from Morley and Hyland.
It was a pleasure.
That should’ve been the end of it.
I didn’t expect things to get this intense.
I didn’t think our passion could grow so dark, but there isn’t anything I want more than to own her.
I need her soul to be mine.
But we have a new threat looming over us.
Hyland wants revenge and men like him will do anything.
We need to play this carefully.
Or else…


Delilah shook her head. “What’s wrong, Jacob?” she asked with a snigger. “Need more of the rough stuff? Is that how you get your kicks now?”
He laughed darkly. “I’ll give you that one, darling. Maybe I even deserved it, but one swift knee in my happy sacks ain’t gonna change a thing, Delle, and you know it. Hyland still owns your arse and he will come calling.”
“Hyland can’t touch me.” Delilah’s tone was imperious. “Neither of you have any power over me anymore.”
Jacob raised his chin and even in the shadows, Delilah could see his lecherous grin. “You think Dalton fucking Reilly is going to protect you? That your blue-eyed boy will play the hero again?”
“You don’t know anything about it,” she told him. “And you don’t need to know, but sending me on that last mission was the biggest mistake of your miserable life, Morley.”
His head whipped in her direction at the sound of his last name. In all the years they’d known one another, Delilah had rarely used it that way, preferring Jacob, or Mr. Morley if she was in trouble.
“Fuck you, you little bitch.” There was real venom in his voice, and it sent the energy crashing around Delilah again, but this time, rather than fear, it only invoked that old desire for retribution. The urge to see him fall. The need to be the one who pushed him over the cliff.
“Ain’t going to happen, Morley.” Delilah was enjoying herself now. “You’re never going to have me.”
Jacob climbed slowly to his feet, the metal at his body rattling with each precarious movement, but even as he loomed before her again, Delilah felt no fear. There was nothing to fear from Jacob Morley anymore. He was just a broken, beaten man in chains. A shadow from her past. A ghost she would gladly leave in the darkness.
A nothing.
The knowledge emboldened her in a way she’d rarely experienced.
It was liberating.
Delilah was free.
“You’re a whore and you always fucking will be.”
She grinned at him, wanting him to see her despite the cover of the dark.
“A whore who’s smarter than you.”
He panted, yanking at the chains holding his body at a distance. “And one day Hyland will come calling.”
“A whore who’s better looking than you, Morley.”
“And when I get these chains off, I’m going to make sure I come for what’s owed to me.”
Her lips curled. Now that his words no longer inspired fear, she felt nothing from the bastard. Only a dark sense of triumph as she surveyed his misery. “A whore with a future.”
He snorted. “Your time will come, Bellamy, and when it does, I’ll be there to rub salt into your wounds. I’ll be there to make sure you feel it.”
Delilah took a step toward him. “Oh, I feel it, Jacob.” Her tone was lower now, her excitement no doubt audible to him. “I feel every fucking moment of it, and it’s good. The smell outside of this cell is good.”
Jacob glared at her, his lips parting, but for some reason, there were no words. No wise cracks. No insults left to hurl in her direction. Maybe Delilah had heard them all over the years.
“The light outside of this darkness. The cool bubbles of champagne against my tongue, the tender heat of someone who wants me. Care, friendship, desire, love—I feel all those things now. That’s my future, Morley. What about yours?”
Delilah didn’t hear the door open, but she was aware of the increased light as it streamed in behind her.
“Delle.” Dalton’s voice was unwavering. “Are you alright?”
Jacob’s attention shifted to Dalton immediately, though Delilah didn’t turn. She didn’t want to take her eyes from the battered face of the man who’d controlled and tormented her for so many years. She wanted to take it all in—to remember every gory inch in detail—that was going to be the image that lulled her to sleep tonight. Jacob’s impotent demise was her new security blanket, and she had been right: seeing it for herself had helped.
“I’m fine.” She hoped her voice would carry to Dalton, even though she didn’t turn around to deliver the message.
She hoped he could hear the sentiment and know how much she cared about him, how much she appreciated the reassurance Dalton had brought into her life. And even though there was no logical way to know for sure, Delilah sensed that he would. Dalton always seemed to know what she was thinking. It was downright scary.
“Ah, look at that.” Jacob spat the words at her. “Lover boy has come to save you again.”
Delilah smiled at Jacob’s growled reaction. “Yes, he has,” she answered sweetly. “Dalton Reilly has saved me from a lifetime of you.”
“You’ll never be free of me, Delle.” Jacob’s response was immediate, and no doubt intended to be stinging, but as Dalton moved toward her, his arms sliding around her waist, Jacob’s words only caused her smile to grow.
“You’re dead to me now, Jacob.” Her tone was resolute. “This is the last time you’ll ever see me.”

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