Friday, June 28, 2013

Wild Animals

I love finding deer in my backyard. There are usually around seven or eight, all adults and all female, I think. I haven't seen any with spots but there are a few that are smaller. I'm guessing those are fawns who are growing up. Also, none have antlers, so no males. Anyway, Greg can’t stand when they visit because he’s afraid they might damage the car or the house, which is possible, of course. Still, I love looking out the window and there they are. Living near the woods is awesome!

We also have wild turkeys that eat our grass and come up on the deck that wraps around about half of our house. Our indoor cats freak out when they visit. Most of these turkeys are round little babies but the adults are well over 4 feet tall and huge. They’re so cool. We haven’t approached them because they could be dangerous but they don’t seem to be afraid of us. Yesterday, Greg went out on the deck when all of them were in the side yard. A few of the turkeys looked at him and the continued eating the grass, unafraid.

The only visitors I don’t like are snakes. *Shivers* They freak me out. When they enter the house, the cats are on them. Unfortunately, the kitties like to play with them by throwing them in the air or tossing them back and forth. The snakes play dead until either I kill it or the cats lose interest and kill it. I don’t mind if the snakes stay outside because they eat mice but I don’t want them in my kitchen. Eeekk. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disney Movies

Greggie and I have been watching a lot of Disney movies lately. Last night we watched 'The Little Mermaid' and now 'Kiss the Girl' is stuck in my head. Ariel is my second favorite heroine/princess (the first is Jasmine from 'Aladdin'). It's such a beautiful movie but I didn't realize how adult some of the themes were until now. I haven't watched it in years. I mean, Ursula calls Ariel a tramp, for example.
And with 'Aladdin', the thief at the beginning of the movie mentions 'slicing throats' and Jafar said he 'beheaded' Aladdin. For a kid's movie, that's a bit rough.
Yet, I don't remember being upset by any of this as a kid. I LOVED these movies, I still do.
I'm just surprised by some of the things I missed when I was younger.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kara Leigh Miller's Birthday Blitz Celebration!

            "Race you to the swimming hole," Tucker said as soon as our feet hit the ground.
             I squinted at him in the moonlight. "Are you gonna cheat like you always do?"
            "I ain't a cheat." He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at me. Then he took off on a dead run toward Old Man Potter's swimming hole. "Cheater!" I shouted as I ran after him, laughing. During a fair race I could beat him. Barely, but I could. When he cheated like this, though, I didn't stand a chance against him. He was too far ahead of me. So, I simply ran after him.
            "You're not even trying," he said once I reached him.
            I playfully shoved him and he yanked me into his arms, wrapping them around my back and squeezing me to him. "Remember this place?"
            With a chuckle, I said, "Of course I remember this place. We spent every summer here when we were kids." Man, Tucker was acting really weird tonight. So was Levi.
            "Yeah, but that's not what I'm talking about. This is where we shared our first kiss."
            Oh yeah. Technically, they'd been in the water when they'd had their first kiss, but it was here. She remembered that day clearly—it was the day they'd returned from California. It was the first time she'd seen him in three years. That kiss had shocked her, and it had changed her life.
            "Happy Birthday, Al," he said, lowering his lips to mine and giving me a long, soft kiss. When he released me, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box.
            I disengaged myself from his hold and took the box. Inside was a turquoise colored rope-like chain with a mermaid charm hanging from the center of it. I looked up at him and smiled. "It's beautiful, Tuck. Thank you." I kissed his cheek.
            Tucker entwined our fingers. "C'mon, we have another stop to make."

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The Georgia Corbins by Kara Leigh Miller 
Ali Philips never thought anything could be more devastating than the day Levi and Tucker Corbin, her two best friends—her only friends—moved away. Three years passed without a single phone call, text message, or email from them and she’s resolved to the fact that she will probably never see them again. Until one morning when she comes face-to-face with Levi Corbin in physics class. 

Little does she know, the Corbins have returned to Haldeen with only one thing on their minds: winning Ali’s heart. Ali soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle she doesn’t want any part of. As she tries to reclaim the friendships she’s lost and to adjust to the unfamiliar feelings she’s having, she struggles with making the one decision that will forever change their lives: Levi or Tucker Corbin? 

She’s always had a special bond with Tucker and feels most comfortable when she’s with him. But Levi brings her to life in a way she didn’t think was possible and makes her feel things she didn’t think she would ever feel. Torn between the two, Ali is certain of only one thing–by the time it’s over, she’ll lose one of her best friends.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spaying and Neutering your pets Blog Post

If you love animals like I do and believe getting your beloved pets spayed or neutered is the morally right thing to do, please stop by Lorrie Struiff's blog today and check out my latest guest post!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What a morning!!!

First I wake up to my cats growling and hissing. Darby has a mouse. He loses it, so Ana gets it, and she loses it.
A few hours later I find vomit in the floor with two dead roundworms in it. YUCK! But who vomited up the worms? I have no freaking idea! Errrrr.
Now, remember, I have five kitties. They all probably have worms or will have it soon. So I bought some medicine on eBay to treat all five of them, just in case, since I don't know who vomited it.
Geez, I wonder what else will happen today!

New Review

A new review will be available tomorrow for Forever Winter. I can't wait to read it. I hope it's good!

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Monday, June 3, 2013