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Review – ‘Midnight Savior’ by Arial Burnz


London, 1888 – Jack the Ripper

Having loved and lost his soul mate three times, Broderick MacDougal refuses to put his beloved Blossom in danger once more by barging into her life. As a vampire with a dark past and countless enemies, he brings too many risks with him to selfishly claim her as his own. But keeping her at a distance, while he guarantees she lives a “normal” life, proves to be much more difficult than he anticipated–and so is encouraging her to find refuge in the arms of the another man. As much as Broderick hates to admit it, Theodore Coleman may be Belle’s only safe haven.

Christabelle Williams has fought for her financial independence since the cradle, and nothing–not living on the poverty-stricken streets of Whitechapel, not even the handsome and rich Theodore Coleman–will make her turn to anyone for help. But Belle is attacked and her injuries jeopardize her living as a laundress. Finally accepting Theo’s marriage proposal wouldn’t be so bad…if she wasn’t haunted by the sinful encounters with a passionate vampire in her dreams.

Jack the Ripper starts prowling the streets where Christabelle lives…and he is no mere mortal. Broderick must act quickly to get Belle out of harm’s way before the Whitechapel murderer learns what she means to Broderick and use her to extract payment for an old debt.


This is the fifth book in the Bonded by Blood series and I loved it!
Broderick has followed the call of Davina’s soul to London in 1888 and though he desperately wants to reclaim his Blossom, his soul mate, he’s decided to give her up so she could live a long, normal life. Broderick and Davina (and all her reincarnations) are destined to fulfill a six-stage prophecy that will lead to redemption for all vampires and Davina, as her new incarnation of Christabelle, must die once more.
In all her other lives, Christabelle has lived in health and happiness with a family who loved her. Now, she’s poverty-stricken but determined to survive with her pride intact. She only has two friends to call on: an elderly woman, Darla, and a wealthy suitor, Theodore, who seems to love her.
My favorite moments in the book were all the scenes where Christabelle kept stealing Broderick’s pocket watch. So sweet and romantic. I laughed out loud when he wiped her memories the second time. I definitely cried over Broderick’s heartache in having to give up his Blossom to Theodore and over the pain Christabelle suffered throughout her life which was so common for so many people back then and still is today.
Broderick and Christabelle are apart for a good chunk of the book so there’s a lot going on with the supporting cast.
Peter and Cordelia are married and they run the London offices of the MacDougal Shipping Company. We met Peter in the last book (he’s a sun wolf/vamsyrian hybrid) and we met Cordelia in the first book (she’s a moon wolf/vamsyrian hybrid). They’re roped into helping Angus and Kahli, and I’m surprised by the outcome. There are a few unanswered questions about this subplot but I’m sure it will play a role in the next book in the series. (I just hope Broderick’s ship and portraits stay safe!)
Angus (Broderick’s vamsyrian brother/enemy) is so distraught over killing his and Broderick’s brothers that he’s become addicted to drugs to drown the pain. Kahli (Mabel the Spirit Witch from book 4) has her own demons and she’s helping Angus overcome his. Of all the side characters, their relationship intrigued me the most.
Malloren (a vamsyrian prophetess) is determined to fulfill the prophecy at any cost as usual and Prince Jesse Amir (the second oldest vampire in existence) seems willing to help her.
There’s a big twist at the end which makes me think the upcoming book 6 may not be the last one in the series. I don’t want to give away the surprise but Broderick’s close-knit circle of friends is growing bigger. It’s going to be so strange to see Broderick in the twenty-first century driving a car. (It was strange enough to see him in a carriage in this book with a ton of journalists chasing after him since he’s a rich businessman. He’s certainly come a long way from being a Gypsy-turned-Scottish laird.) The sneak preview for book 6 will leave your mouth dropped open. I sooooo want to know more.
This book is well-edited and the writing flowed. I can’t wait for 2017 to read the next book!!
5 Stars

Disclaimer – Thank you, Arial Burnz, for sending me an ebook copy for an honest review. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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Blog Tour - 'Carter' by Brie Paisley


Carter by Brie Paisley 
The Harlow Brothers 
Book #1

Photograph by Christopher Correia from CJC Photography
Cover model: BT Urruela
Cover model: Jessie Reis
Cover designer: Rebecca Pau from The Final Wrap

She was the one for me.
The one that I knew would be mine forever until I made the biggest mistake. I pushed her away and I’ve regretted that decision ever since. I’ve tried to move on, tried to put the memory of her behind me, but she’s always consuming my thoughts. Now, she’s back in our hometown, trying to rebuild a new life. I know she’s keeping secrets. She tries to hide them from me, and I will do whatever it takes to prove that I’m the one she needs. Because Shelby Ross is the other part of me that I can’t live without and I refuse to let her go again.

He broke my heart.
I never thought I would be able to pick of the pieces he left behind. When he let me go, I ran away from it all, thinking it was the easiest thing to do. But, running has a price and I’ve paid it in full for years. Now, I’m back where it all began, back to putting my life together and starting over. It should’ve been easy, but Carter Harlow is reawakening long buried emotions that I thought were gone. He wants to make me his again. I can’t let that happen. He ruined me, broke me, and I’m afraid I’ll never survive it a second time around.


I don’t know what to say, so I just stare up at him. He smiles back at me, and slowly takes his hand off my face. I want to cry out at the loss of his warmth, but I know he needed to move away from me. I watch him as he walks back around the kitchen island, and swallow hard as he refuses to take his eyes off me. His gaze is intense, and I can’t stop the warm sensations that form in my stomach. I go to grab my necklace, but stop midway. Carter frowns then asks, “What is it?” I debate on whether, or not to tell him I still have his gift. Then again, maybe if he sees I’ve kept it all this time, he’ll know I never forgot what we had. I reach into my shirt and pull out my keepsake. I hold it in my hand for a moment, and stare at it before letting it drop. Carter sucks in a breath when he sees it. I watch him closely as a variety of emotions cross his face. Shock, disbelief, and when he looks in my eyes again, he looks at me adoringly. As if he’s seeing me again for the very first time, with such love in his eyes. “I know we didn’t end things on a good note, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. Every time I needed strength or a reminder of what I left behind, I would look at it, and just knowing I had a piece of you made things easier.” I’m surprised by my admission, but at the same time, it feels good to open up to someone again. It’s been so long since I felt like I could trust someone with how I really feel.
“I can’t believe you kept it after all this time.” He grins, shakes his head, and his eyes light up. “Do you remember what I said when I gave it to you?”
Of course I remember. It’s committed to my memory, and it’s one that I used to think of often. “I do. Instead of me giving you a graduation present, you gave me this.” I glance down at my necklace, thinking back to that day. It was a happy day, and I was so proud of Carter for graduating, and getting accepted into Harvard Law. I wasn’t expecting a gift from him, but I remember being excited when he showed me what he bought. I blink, coming back to the present as I say, “As you put the necklace on me, you said it was to remind me how much you loved me. That no matter how far apart we were, it wouldn’t matter because our love for each other was strong.” I glance away from him, as I repeat his sweet words from a lifetime ago. “I remember you saying, that my necklace was your way of giving me your heart and that we’d always be able to find one another.”
I look back at Carter, noticing he’s rubbing his chest. I want to ask him if he’s alright. But I don’t. I know that day meant so much to the both of us. I could see and feel how much he cared about me back then. Which made when he broke my heart that much more painful. He clears his throat before saying, “I’m glad you kept it, and it’s brought you good memories when you needed them.”
I suddenly feel shy, and a bit out of place. The emotions running through me scare the shit out of me, and the room feels as though it’s closing in. Reliving the past then the emotions running through me now … it’s too intense. I look away from him and place my necklace back in my shirt. I get off the stool and say, “I think I should head back to Annie and William’s. I’m sure they’re worried where I am.” I don’t look at Carter. I don’t want to see the hurt in his eyes because he’ll know what I’m doing. I hate that I can’t seem to stay around him, but the wave of all the past emotions and the present ones colliding is overwhelming. I have to get away from it.
“Yeah, okay. I can drive you there since it’s on my way.” I nod and head back to his room to grab my shoes. I remind myself to breathe and stop over thinking everything. It’s stupid of me to act this way, but going for so long without feeling any of this … it’s frightening.

Brie Paisley is a small town gal from Mississippi. She always wanted to write at a young age and was always filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. Brie started with the idea of Worshipped a year ago and with the encouragement of her husband and sister in law, she was able to write her first book. When she is not writing, you can find her reading a good book, painting, scrapbooking, or watching a good movie with her husband and her boxer.

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Review – ‘Frostbitten Hearts’ by Arial Burnz


Her ability to wield fire didn’t give Aideen the power to make Jack stay… 

Jack was Aideen’s very breath. As a cusper Elemental, he was the air that fed her fire and the waters that cooled her soul. Born and bred in captivity by vampires for their magic, they sought shelter and love in each other’s arms. But when Jack’s family escapes the “nursery”, Aideen is ripped from her young lover’s arms. Her family refuses to risk the wrath of their captors, and she is forced to stay behind. Though Jack vows to return and free her, his promise is not easily kept. He and his grove liberate several nurseries in retaliation and, still, she cannot be found. 

Ten years later, Aideen unexpectedly stumbles into the grove’s compound and back into Jack’s arms with news they have a child…and she is the bait for a trap. Time is of the essence. If they don’t return by sunset, their son will fall victim to the vampires. 

Jack must return to the prison he risked his life to escape, but he will do anything to save his son and he is not about to lose the only woman who has possessed his soul and can melt his frozen heart. 


This spinoff novella in the Bonded by Blood series focused on the Elementals, a race of witches and mages. Though you don’t have to read the main books to understand this one, I recommend doing so to get a better idea of the vamsyrians’ motivation into why they tortured the Elementals.
A small group of vamsyrians (vampires) have kidnapped several Elementals to feed from them, gain their magic, and to breed them to create a rare Spirit Elemental. The vamsyrians have also forcibly turned humans into werewolves and they force the wolves to do their bidding in exchange for the werewolf cure.
Jack and Aideen (ages 19 and 17 respectively) are Elementals and they’re in love. He controls the elements of air and water and she controls the element of fire. In a botched rebellion, Jack and several other Elementals escaped their prison but Aideen and several more are left behind. Flash forward ten years later. Evil vamsyrian Rasheed freed Aideen from the nursery, the prison where the Elementals are kept, and she must bring Jack back or her children will die.
The scenes with Aideen and her sons brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t stop grinning over the long-awaited reunion with Jack and Aideen. I was so excited to read the death of one of the villains, I won’t say whom, and I’m anxious to learn how this will affect the main story line of the series.
I hoped Broderick would’ve made a cameo appearance in the book but I understand why he didn’t. He and Monika are ‘legends’, after all, to the Elementals. So fun to read that! Maybe he and Jack will meet in the future? I hope so, but who knows!
I really enjoyed this story and would like to read more about the Elementals. I noticed a few typos but not enough to distract me and draw me away from the story. As usual, the writing flowed well and I love the scenery descriptions and the in-depth emotions.
Great story!
5 Stars

Disclaimer – Thank you, Arial Burnz, for sending me an ebook copy for an honest review. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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Release Day - 'Caerwin and Carcellus' by Lizzie Ashworth

Caerwinll cover.jpe

wtmo buy links.jpg
An ambitious Roman commander captures a fiery maid of Britannia and forces her to his will. A story of conquest and love set in the glory days of empire, their struggle to meet each other’s needs and expectations exposes the underbelly of Rome’s legal system, its dependence on slavery, and sexual secrets from Marcellus’ past. Can young Caerwin survive unexpected challenges to her womanhood?


WTMO what others say.jpg
5 Stars
WOW! What a wonderful ending to a fantastic story!
~Bookaholic Mama



wtmo also avaialble.jpg

Book 1

Caerwin and the Roman Dog
An Erotic Historical Romance Set in 47 AD Britannia
By Lizzie Ashworth


Caerwin, a young Cornovii princess, watches from the rocky battlements of her tribe’s hillfort as Rome’s legions approach. Surely the valiant warriors of her tribe will fend off this swarm of foreign invaders. Disbelief slowly changes to horror as Romans overrun her home.
Captured and held in Roman camp, Caerwin faces Legate Marcellus Antistius who makes it clear she will submit to his demands. In spite of her resistance, he forces her pleasure. She begs to die.
Caught between his increasing infatuation with this Briton princess and the demands of his military command, Marcellus must come to terms with his past.
A fiery novel of domination and submission, this historical romance follows Caerwin as she refuses to accept her new reality. Life as she knew it is over. Forever. In its place stands a man she can never love.
Set in the year 47 AD as four legions of the Roman army invade Britannia and blaze a path of death and destruction, this novel portrays the plight of native Celts who must yield their lands and possessions to become vassals of Rome—or fight to the death.


WTMO author bio.jpg

Lizzie Ashworth has been through career, marriage, kids, and even ran her own cafe, but writing has always been her secret love. Hidden away on a remote woodland hilltop in the Arkansas Ozarks, she accepts advice from her hound dog Weezie and her black cat Esmeralda. She has authored seven novels and several short stories which explore the intimate nuances of human relationships.

Liz writes erotic romance because her mind just naturally runs to the gutter. Also, it’s way past time to celebrate women’s sexual freedom and the evolution of our culture to finally bring sex out of the closet. What she find most exciting about this minute in the history of literature is that through indie publishing, the author can directly connect with her readers.

She enjoys cooking, gardening, and vacations at the Pacific coast. Sunrise and sunset provide her favorite moments, the magical twilight between two worlds when anything seems possible. Most of all, she loves snuggling up with a good book.

Website and blog:
Pinterest page (includes boards for all her books)  Check out my “Romans” board for more on Caerwin and the Roman Dog.
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Review – ‘Midnight Eclipse’ by Arial Burnz


Broderick MacDougal follows the familiar yearning of his soul to a fierce warrior who is as seductive as a siren at sea – and she is just as deadly. The world of the supernatural opens to Broderick as he not only finds himself in the midst of an ancient war of shape shifters, the devious Cordelia Harley has re-entered his life and has a few of her own surprises.

Born into a hated race of Norse werewolves, Celina Hunter knows all too well the dangers of trusting anyone other than her two brothers. And yet the survival of her family hinges on trusting the strangely familiar Broderick MacDougal, a natural enemy of her kind…yet one her tribe’s Shaman advisors confirm is her soul mate. Enemy or not, Celina slips into the spell of this vampire’s promises of eternal love, gambling with all she holds dear.

Broderick and Celina are bound by a curse, but having come this far through the centuries, Broderick is not about to risk his chance at having his soul mate for eternity. The price, however, may be more than Celina is willing to pay as there is more at stake than just her immortal soul.


This is the fourth book in the Bonded by Blood series.
Broderick lost his beloved Monika seventy years ago and spent ten of those years in a mindless, blood-fueled rage over her murder. Monika was a fire witch and the reincarnation of his first love, Davina. They met in the previous book and, in this book, Monika was already long dead and is now reincarnated into Celina, a Norse wolf shapeshifter.
It seems Broderick meets and falls in love with his reincarnated Davina once a century. He first met Davina in 1514, Monika in 1636 and now Celina in 1739. He shares a few decades with each one of them, a human lifetime, before the women die and he has to wait several decades for his beloved’s spirit to return.
Celina is the daughter of the Manegarmian wolf clan chieftain and he hates vampires. Her dad and two older brothers are overly protective of her when it comes to romance and their distrust of Broderick, but they don’t mind when she battles their enemy, a rival wolf shifter clan, the Sk√∂llarians. She’s described as a fierce warrior but I have a hard time seeing that because she won’t stand up to the men in her family. Likewise, Broderick treats her too much like a priceless treasure. That’s nice and romantic, men should do that, but she accepted his care way too easily for me to think of her as a warrior.
The Army of Light, humans with God-divine gifts, are now called the Illuminati and they’ve raged war on all vamsyrians due to Angus killing many of them in the previous book. They are the main threat/villain in this segment.
Angus, Broderick’s half-brother and vamsyrian enemy, is a prisoner of even crueler vampires than he is. His horrible childhood is finally described in detail and it brings him into a sympathetic light.
Malloren Rune, a fellow vamsyrian and a prophetess, and Cordelia Harley, another vamsyrian, returned to help Broderick, Celina and their friends find the Solar Eclipse ring which could help reunite the warring wolf clans and provide Broderick a way to walk in the daylight hours.
The detailed Norse mythology of the sun and moon gods/wolves was interesting but confusing.
Other than the Norse shapeshifters, the Selkies, seal shapeshifters, are introduced into the series but I wish we could’ve learned more about their history and heritage as we did the wolf shifters.
The Elemental witches and mages we learned about in the last book are back and they’re in dire trouble. The next book is a novella and will focus mainly on them, a very special Elemental named Jack and their vampire captors.
Anyway, this book needs a light edit. I found a few spelling typos, comma splices and missing periods but the writing flowed well. I very much enjoyed it and look forward to reading the rest of the series.
4 Stars               

Disclaimer – Thank you, Arial Burnz, for sending me an ebook copy for an honest review. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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Cover Reveal - 'Nirvana' by Shevaun Delucia *Giveaway*





Title: Nirvana

Author: Shevaun DeLucia

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Release: August 18th, 2016

Cover Artist: Sommer Stein at Perfect Pear Creations

Models: Dana Hamm & David Santa Lucia

Photographer: Scott Schisler


Junior Saunders is searching for the perfect woman: gracious, elegant, and meek. He waits patiently, working long hours and going home alone night after night, believing that this woman exists. But life isn’t always predictable; curveballs can be thrown unexpectedly.

Kinsey Balterson is everything but gentle, delicate, and docile. She says it like it is—a spitfire, full of sarcasm with looks to kill. She’s downright sexy and thrilling in every way possible. Kinsey is a constant reminder of everything Junior detests in a woman, but the moment he lets his guard down, she captures his attention.

Can opposites really attract?

From this moment on, nothing is the same for Junior again. Everything he thought he wanted and needed no longer exists, and now his whole world has been shifted. His reason for breathing consists only of her—Kinsey. She has become his everything.

Kinsey thinks she has this all under control: friends with benefits, no strings attached—no messy feelings. She refuses to be broken again. But what happens when attraction turns into something deeper? Will Kinsey be able to let her walls down so her damaged heart can love again?

Can one person truly heal another’s heartbreak?

In honor of this cover reveal, the Author is hosting a giveaway on her FB page, win a one of five signed paperback of books #1 & #2 in the series!

Head over to the Author's facebook page to enter this giveaway! Click here



Nirvana July 19
Nirvana July 26.jpg


Shevaun DeLucia, author of the Eternal Mixture Series and A Forbidden Love Series, lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs. As a stay-at-home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading. She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of her loud, rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy. When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determined to create the perfect ending of her own.




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