Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review – ‘Frostbitten Hearts’ by Arial Burnz


Her ability to wield fire didn’t give Aideen the power to make Jack stay… 

Jack was Aideen’s very breath. As a cusper Elemental, he was the air that fed her fire and the waters that cooled her soul. Born and bred in captivity by vampires for their magic, they sought shelter and love in each other’s arms. But when Jack’s family escapes the “nursery”, Aideen is ripped from her young lover’s arms. Her family refuses to risk the wrath of their captors, and she is forced to stay behind. Though Jack vows to return and free her, his promise is not easily kept. He and his grove liberate several nurseries in retaliation and, still, she cannot be found. 

Ten years later, Aideen unexpectedly stumbles into the grove’s compound and back into Jack’s arms with news they have a child…and she is the bait for a trap. Time is of the essence. If they don’t return by sunset, their son will fall victim to the vampires. 

Jack must return to the prison he risked his life to escape, but he will do anything to save his son and he is not about to lose the only woman who has possessed his soul and can melt his frozen heart. 


This spinoff novella in the Bonded by Blood series focused on the Elementals, a race of witches and mages. Though you don’t have to read the main books to understand this one, I recommend doing so to get a better idea of the vamsyrians’ motivation into why they tortured the Elementals.
A small group of vamsyrians (vampires) have kidnapped several Elementals to feed from them, gain their magic, and to breed them to create a rare Spirit Elemental. The vamsyrians have also forcibly turned humans into werewolves and they force the wolves to do their bidding in exchange for the werewolf cure.
Jack and Aideen (ages 19 and 17 respectively) are Elementals and they’re in love. He controls the elements of air and water and she controls the element of fire. In a botched rebellion, Jack and several other Elementals escaped their prison but Aideen and several more are left behind. Flash forward ten years later. Evil vamsyrian Rasheed freed Aideen from the nursery, the prison where the Elementals are kept, and she must bring Jack back or her children will die.
The scenes with Aideen and her sons brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t stop grinning over the long-awaited reunion with Jack and Aideen. I was so excited to read the death of one of the villains, I won’t say whom, and I’m anxious to learn how this will affect the main story line of the series.
I hoped Broderick would’ve made a cameo appearance in the book but I understand why he didn’t. He and Monika are ‘legends’, after all, to the Elementals. So fun to read that! Maybe he and Jack will meet in the future? I hope so, but who knows!
I really enjoyed this story and would like to read more about the Elementals. I noticed a few typos but not enough to distract me and draw me away from the story. As usual, the writing flowed well and I love the scenery descriptions and the in-depth emotions.
Great story!
5 Stars

Disclaimer – Thank you, Arial Burnz, for sending me an ebook copy for an honest review. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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