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Ebook Soda Promotion starts TOMORROW!

Guess what everyone! Ebook Soda will feature 'A Hero's Heart' tomorrow on their site. 

An email will also be sent out from 1pm (GMT) 8am (EST) to everyone on their Romantic Suspense list and is priced at $1.99. It's available from Amazon Kindle UK, Amazon Kindle US, Nook US, Smashwords and Nook UK. 

Here's the home link if you want to check it out...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cover Reveal - 'Lightning over Bennett Ranch' by Amber Daulton

Author: Amber Daulton 
Series: The Ranch (book 2) 
Release Date: TBA 
Length: approx.15,000 words
Publisher: Books to Go Now 
Purchase Links: Not Yet Available 


Melody Bennett’s parents trampled on her teenage romance with a drifter ten years ago. He disappeared without a word of goodbyes on the night they had planned to run away together. Since then, she cast aside her foolish notions of happily ever after and worked hard alongside the hired help to care for the majestic horses on her family’s beloved ranch. She refused to give love another chance and resigned to live her life alone.

Max Fortaine returned with a heart guarded by secrets and a sizable bank account that took blood, prayers and tears to fund. The cowboy disrupted Melody’s peaceful existence with stolen kisses and a promise for more. After a lifetime of running, mistakes and regrets, he vowed to reclaim the only woman he ever loved… if only her overprotective father didn’t stand in his way. 

Review - 'Claimed' by Renee George

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anna Davis is dying of cancer and she has come to terms with it. Conor Evans, sexy werewolf and the love of her life, can’t accept it. They met twenty years ago and, although they fell in love, she denied him and stayed loyal to her husband. She later divorced her husband a few years later after he cheated on her and took their son with her but by then it was too late to be with Conor. They hadn’t seen each other in all that time until he shows up at her chemotherapy treatment and begs her to let him turn her into a werewolf to save her life. She only has weeks to live. She refuses, so he does the only sane thing left to do.
He kidnaps her!
This is a heartwarming yet erotic romp between two people who had never stopped loving each other. He gives her a taste of what life with would be like through a special yet temporary serum that restores her health and cures her cancer. If she wants to stay cured, she must accept the cull and be transformed. She continues to refuse because she has a son. She’s afraid of staying alive, of staying young and healthy, because he will eventually become old and die. She doesn’t want to watch him die. With Conor’s help, she realizes that she’s so hung up on her son dying that she doesn’t realize that she can watch him grow, marry and have kids. She can watch him live. Because of this, and her love for Conor, she accepts the offer.
Throughout the course of the night, they reconnect and she realizes that she doesn’t want to live without him.
I love this story. It has romance, a domineering wolf, heartache, jealousy and second chances. I wished this book was longer but the story flowed at a great pace and I got to know the characters well.
4 Stars.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Forever Winter ON SALE - April 24-27

Guess what's gonna be on sale soon!!!

Just .99 cents from April 24-27 (sale ends in the morning) 
$1.99 from April 27-30 (sale begins right after the first promotion ends)

US Amazon Only: 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: 'Cat Class' by Megan Slayer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you, Megan Slayer and Cletis Publishing, for this free ebook that I won in a contest/giveaway.

First off, the public is aware that supernatural creatures, like witches and shapeshifters, exist but not much is known about them other than legends. They usually keep to themselves but some have intergraded into the everyday world.
Hayden Crowe adopts a black kitten from a known witch on Halloween night. Jump forward a year… Hayden angrily leaves her date at a restaurant on Halloween. She needs to go home to check on her cat, Godzilla, before he tears up the curtains. Again. She comes face-to-face with a gorgeous naked man outside the restaurant. He claims that his name is Joel, he is her cat, he knows more about her than any stranger would, and he claims to love her. This, of course, throws poor Hayden into a crazy fit but she feels a connection to him.
While I really enjoyed this short story, I have a few questions. Certain aspects of Joel’s cat life didn’t make sense and, when an explanation was given, it still left me confused—like how he knew about and had met other shifters (before he left the witch’s home or afterward?—I don’t know). He did things that a person who had only been in human-form for a few hours couldn’t do or wouldn’t know how to do. He watched, listened and studied the world around him for the entire year that he was cat-form but he still seemed too intelligent to me.
Overall, the story is cute, sexy and awesome. I enjoyed it.
4 Stars.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Krystle Watts' Giveaway -- April 18-May 2!

Wonderful blogger Krystle is giving away a signed hardback copy of JR Ward's The King. For those of you who don't know (what rock have you hid under?!), this is Wrath's second full length book! 

Check out Krystle's blog about the book. ** You can enter the giveaway here or on her page. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Angela Ford - Guest Interview

Thank you, Angela, for taking the time to visit today! I love your awesome answers and I hope the readers do too!

Tell us about your current release.

Unforgettable Kiss is a romance with a little spice and a dash of suspense. Meghan Eden vowed to never love again after her husband killed their son when he chose to drink and drive. She buries herself into her business until her business takes her to a golf resort in Arizona. There she meets Eric Nolan. Unknown to her but not to the rest of the world…Eric is the most sought after actor and most eligible bachelor in the hearts of many women. One unforgettable kiss etched in her memory…she begins to question her vow to never love again. Eric is a true gent and determined to win Meghan’s love. Just as she begins to…her ex is released on early parole and has had time to develop an obsession…
What kind of research do you do for your books?
Most of my writing involves suspense and crime so my research can be a little frightening at times. My research comes from reading, contacts within the police force and watching tv crime. I’m a Criminal Minds addict and many more… For a contemporary romance…I’m a hopeless romantic and avid reader of all genres of romance. I love to escape into a great book to be taken away on a journey that makes me feel like I’m there and I know the characters. And of course, a HEA! I want to smile at the end of a read. I want my readers too as well.

What process do you use to pick your character’s names?

This is always fun! Sometimes it can take a while because the name has to be the right fit for the character’s personality. I google anything and everything from baby names…sexy names…strong names…one can google anything these days! I love to read articles involving names and their meanings…that helps! Sometimes I hear a name too that I just love or someone I’ve met that resembles a character.

Are your characters based on anyone you know?
One character in Unforgettable Kiss – Leila   She is a dear friend and when I was talking to her about the character and her personality…the way she moved around in high heels so gracefully…I looked at her and said…I just described you! So be it. Leila is in Unforgettable Kiss. 

Do you use visual aid to better describe people or places? (pictures out of magazines, online, or people you know in real life).
Love using pics online and offline…Love to watch people (no, I’m not a stalker…just a writer lol) Love using teasers and book trailers to help my readers visualize the characters and settings.

Who reads your drafts/WIP before it’s published?
A critique partner and a few other authors

Do your characters sometimes take over and write the book themselves? Who?
They do! I’m a write-by-my-seat writer…I usually have a few jot notes here and there…sticky notes everywhere…notes on my phone but I love to unravel the story as I write. I’m a reader….keeps me interested lol

What is your favorite book and author? 
My fav author is Danielle Steele and I can’t pick just one.

What do you prefer: ebook or print? Why?
Love my Kindle but love having a print to read and store on my treasured shelf…can I be greedy and say both lol

What did you do once a publisher sent you your first Acceptance Letter?
Actually nothing lol…a funny story…my first acceptance letter came on April 1st…yep April Fool’s Day. I was excited and worried at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to do. Then 2 days later I received an email asking if I received the offer…well then the happy dance began and still smiling :)

What’s your most bizarre life experience?
Getting my first writing contract on April Fools Day lol. But it’s been the best thing to happen besides my kids :) 

About the Author 

Angela Ford originates from Nova Scotia…Canada’s Ocean Playground! Her love of the ocean and sunsets are always in her heart and give her inspiration. Her love for words keeps her turning the page. She is never without a book, whether she’s reading or writing. Now residing in Ontario, Angela works in Finance – numbers by day – words by night. Her dedication to volunteer and involvement with cyber safety seminars gave her an Award of Distinction and sparked the idea for her first book Closure – suspense with a dash of romance that hit the bestselling Action/Adventure. Her newest release, Unforgettable Kiss, delivers a romance with a dash of suspense. Between two jobs, being a mom with a home always filled with teenagers and rather interesting stories; she is lucky to have one very patient and understanding man. But it is the furry family members who rule the house – a Puggle, two loveable cats and two unique Guinea Pigs. Every possible quiet moment she finds, she treasures and just writes about the moments to come. 
Angela is an avid reader of romance, a member of the RWA and thrilled to be part of her new family BTGN. 
You can follow her at BTGN or visit her website at or follow her blog Romantic Escapes at to connect with her on her social network sites. She loves to hear from her readers – they keep her smiling!

Stalk me…

Blog – Romantic Escapes
Books to Go Now -

Unforgettable Kiss

One kiss leaves Meghan questioning her decision to never love again.
Meghan Eden swore she would never love again. The tragic death of her son, at the hands of her husband, destroyed her emotionally. She believed her successful Spa would fulfill her life until a business seminar takes her to a golf resort in Arizona. Meghan’s love of golf gets her paired up with a man she doesn’t know. The rest of the world does. Eric Nolan is the most sought after actor in Hollywood and the most eligible bachelor in the hearts of many women. Eric draws out hidden desires Meghan never imagined and leaves an unforgettable kiss etched in her memory. One kiss leaves her questioning her decision to never love again. An emotional struggle to love again cannot stop the passion that unravels. But perhaps Meghan’s ex can. Released on early parole without her knowledge and he’s had the time to develop an obsession. Eric races to save her. He reaches the door, only to hear the gun shot.

Excerpt from Unforgettable Kiss

She placed her hand on his chest, the tempo of his pulse increased. She could feel herself tremble, getting weaker by the moment. Reality faded and paradise set in. He pulled her hips in closer to his. The passion she felt could defy analysis. Meghan told herself to respond not react. He pushed her shoulders against the wall, aggressive yet gentle with an incredible rhythm. His hips never left hers in the sudden movement. An in sensational appetite stirred within her.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Alpha Male Madness Hop - April 11-18th, 2014

Who doesn't love hot alpha men with bikes and leather jackets? These bad boys steal our hearts, heat our loins and keep us lusty ladies coming back for more. 
Lets celebrate all the heartbreakers and the ones we refused to let get away. I'm giving away a rockin' necklace and my latest sexy novella, A Hero's Heart. If Jarrett doesn't make you swoon, you're coldblooded. ;) 

About A Hero's Heart...

Ten years ago, Jarrett Brandt left home and abandoned everyone of importance. After a hard reality check, the irresponsible young man matured into a ballsy DEA agent with a kickass Harley Davidson and a million-dollar bounty on his head. Ordered by his superior officer to take refuge at a safe house just days before Christmas, he headed back home to Washington State, instead, to make peace with his deceased brother’s memory. 

Marissa Reinn Brandt never expected to see Jarrett again. Best friends since childhood and lovers as teenagers, immaturity, over-demanding parents and illicit drugs ripped them apart. Now a successful chef at a posh restaurant, the young widow and her son offered Jarrett a place to stay for the holiday. Even though she expected nothing from her former lover—the twin brother of the man she married—fate intervened. 

As Jarrett and Marissa rekindled the flames of love and lust that once bound them together, an enemy from his past and a trusted mentor from his present vied their time in the snowy dark and threatened to destroy everyone he held dear. He needed a Christmas miracle to save his family and the love of a good woman to heal his battered heart. Nothing, no one, would stand in the way of his second chance with Marissa. Come hell or high water, he would cherish her body and her heart for all time.

About the Author 

Writing is the fruit to happiness.

I live my life by that one belief even though I'm normally not so Zen. 
My mind is a wonderland of romance and adventure, laughter and awesome ways of kicking a guy when he’s down. I read, write and enjoy contemporary, paranormal and historical romance novels alike. I just can’t get enough of feisty heroines and alpha heroes. Writing takes up most of my time, aside from my tedious day job in the retail industry, and I probably wouldn’t be too sane without my computer and notebooks. After all, what’s a girl to do when there are people jabbering away in her head and it’s hard to shut them up? Write! Nothing else works.

When I'm not busy toiling away on my computer, I acknowledge the fact that I do, indeed, live in reality and then I remember that I'm married with five adorable kitties. *Wink wink* My wonderful husband supports me in my career (cough cough--obsession) and always lends a pair of eyes to my manuscripts. 

So writing and love is the fruit to happiness. 

What more could a girl want? 

Alpha Male Madness Hop

(Continental US ONLY)
This beautiful beaded necklace plus a PDF copy of A Hero's Heart

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Grand Prize 

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