Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review - 'Claimed' by Renee George

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anna Davis is dying of cancer and she has come to terms with it. Conor Evans, sexy werewolf and the love of her life, can’t accept it. They met twenty years ago and, although they fell in love, she denied him and stayed loyal to her husband. She later divorced her husband a few years later after he cheated on her and took their son with her but by then it was too late to be with Conor. They hadn’t seen each other in all that time until he shows up at her chemotherapy treatment and begs her to let him turn her into a werewolf to save her life. She only has weeks to live. She refuses, so he does the only sane thing left to do.
He kidnaps her!
This is a heartwarming yet erotic romp between two people who had never stopped loving each other. He gives her a taste of what life with would be like through a special yet temporary serum that restores her health and cures her cancer. If she wants to stay cured, she must accept the cull and be transformed. She continues to refuse because she has a son. She’s afraid of staying alive, of staying young and healthy, because he will eventually become old and die. She doesn’t want to watch him die. With Conor’s help, she realizes that she’s so hung up on her son dying that she doesn’t realize that she can watch him grow, marry and have kids. She can watch him live. Because of this, and her love for Conor, she accepts the offer.
Throughout the course of the night, they reconnect and she realizes that she doesn’t want to live without him.
I love this story. It has romance, a domineering wolf, heartache, jealousy and second chances. I wished this book was longer but the story flowed at a great pace and I got to know the characters well.
4 Stars.

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