Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: 'Cat Class' by Megan Slayer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you, Megan Slayer and Cletis Publishing, for this free ebook that I won in a contest/giveaway.

First off, the public is aware that supernatural creatures, like witches and shapeshifters, exist but not much is known about them other than legends. They usually keep to themselves but some have intergraded into the everyday world.
Hayden Crowe adopts a black kitten from a known witch on Halloween night. Jump forward a year… Hayden angrily leaves her date at a restaurant on Halloween. She needs to go home to check on her cat, Godzilla, before he tears up the curtains. Again. She comes face-to-face with a gorgeous naked man outside the restaurant. He claims that his name is Joel, he is her cat, he knows more about her than any stranger would, and he claims to love her. This, of course, throws poor Hayden into a crazy fit but she feels a connection to him. She believes him.
They come to know each other better throughout the course of the story, fall in love, defeat an evil scientist who wants to use Joel for depraved DNA research experiments and they decide to mate—in a nutshell.
While I really enjoyed this short story, I have several questions that the author should’ve addressed. Perhaps these questions are answered throughout the series (book 2 was recently released) but too much was left unsaid in this novella for a 5 Star mark.
Certain aspects of Joel’s cat life didn’t make sense and, when an explanation was given, it wasn’t enough or it still left me confused—like how he knew about and had met other shifters (before he left the witch’s home or afterward?—I don’t know). He did things that a person who had only been in human-form for a few hours couldn’t do or wouldn’t know how to do. He watched, listened and studied the world around him for the entire year that he was cat-form but he still seemed too intelligent to me.
Still, even with the little flaws I found, the overall plot of the story is cute, sexy and awesome.
3.5 Stars.