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#BookReview – “Talson’s Match” by Marie Harte


Romec Talson is the last of his brothers to find a mate, and he’s in no hurry. So it’s a relief to check on the strange progress of one of the family’s shipping terminals on Earth, away from the manipulations of his happily mated siblings. The last thing he expects to encounter at Port Chase is the threat of drug running…or the woman of his dreams.

Tara Drake has no idea why the stranger at her door makes her hot and bothered, but if he works for the Talsons, she wants no part of him. Unfortunately, her body has a will of its own. Learning she’s not human is just the beginning of the surprises coming her way. Because love has no rhyme or reason in the face of fate. 


In the fourth novella in the Talson Temptation series, Romec “Romy” Talson ‘Or Fal goes to Earth to investigate problems at his family’s shipping port. As an Otra—the race of aliens now living on Earth and elsewhere—he has special abilities and powers, but he’s different even among his own kind.
Tara Drake believes she’s human, but she can’t explain her psychic and healing abilities. She lives in the slums and hates the drug runners who are using the Talson shipping business as a means of moving drugs. Then she meets Romy, a supposed drug dealer, but she can’t deny her attraction to him.
Romy and Tara were fun characters. Despite the bit of tension between them at first, they got along great and were obviously meant for each other. The sex scenes were super hot, as always with Ms. Harte’s books.
I enjoyed this story, but I wish Tara’s mysterious origins had been explained. There were a few typos, but nothing major. Since it’s the last book in the series, the whole Talson family returns, and it was great seeing all the previous heroes and heroines again. I’m sad to see this series end.
4 Stars

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#MFRWhooks - "Timeless Beginnings"

#TimeTravelRomance #1960s #Bolivia #CIA #RomanceBooks

Welcome to the weekly Marketing for Romance Writers Book Hooks. Every week authors get together to share their news and hook readers onto their books. 

If you're interested in time travel, intrigue, hot sex, love, and happily ever afters, keep on reading... 


Leonora Harris fled her newly wedded husband’s home in Georgian England, 1725, and took shelter in a cave during a rainstorm. She woke up in a cold, barren land and a handsome stranger with a mechanical carriage offered her shelter.
Undercover American operative Rodger Ramsey never expected to find a runaway bride in the magnificent Salar de Uyuni. Assigned to Bolivia to investigate Communist activities, he just wrapped up his two-year mission in 1963 and followed his heart to the salt flats one last time.
Sparks flew and attraction sizzled. The lost, stubborn woman kicked his protective instincts into overdrive. Rodger took her home with him, determined to help her before he returned to the States, and Leonora flourished under his guidance. Their hearts intertwined. He wanted her, needed her, but could he truly love a woman who believed she jumped two hundred years in time?
Will they find a way to stay together, despite the obstacles between them, or will Leonora survive in this strange new world alone?

(Author’s Note - This is a prequel to Timeless Honor, a time travel romance with Rodger and Leonora’s granddaughter, but can be read as a standalone.)


“I’ll do or say whatever you wish, illegal or not.” Leonora steeled her spine as the words tore up her throat. “I thought you trusted me. What can I do to earn it?” 

Rodger ate up the distance between them with three long strides and shackled her wrist in his large hand like a manacle. She stumbled toward him. Tension permeated the air around him in waves of red-hot heat.

“Have you heard of the CIA, Leonora? The Central Intelligence Agency?”

“No, I have no idea what that is.”

“What can you tell me about the communist activities and alliances in this country?”

“Nothing. I don’t know. What kind of questions are these? What are you talking about?”

His head tilted to one side and his lips thinned. Rodger stared at her with a long, hard gaze even as she squirmed, the steel in her spine gone. Stress lined his face and the tendon in his neck throbbed against his skin like a tic. Minutes passed, or maybe just seconds, and air whizzed out through his nostrils. The anger in his face seemed to drain and he somehow looked older.

“How can this be? You told me the truth about everything.” He stepped back and stroked his fingers up her arm. “Though you squirmed under my gaze, you did so after you answered me and only because I intimidated you. You didn’t once respond with a typical facial or verbal nuance to indicate you lied. I feel the truth of your words in my gut and in my soul.”

“I haven’t once lied to you.”

“I just—I don’t understand. This is so unbelievable. I wish you could provide me with some kind of undeniable proof you’re from the past.”

“As do I, Rodger.”

“If we do this, you’ll stay with me until I decide otherwise. I’ll protect you. I’ll kiss you and touch you. You should know that right away. I respect you, Leonora, but I’m not a strong enough man to deny my desire for you indefinitely. I won’t bear my frustration and keep my distance anymore. Do you understand what I mean? I need to lay with you, again and again, with no regrets. Do you accept those terms?”

Rich honey poured into his every word, every syllable, and wrapped around her like a sweet promise. Blood thundered in Leonora’s ears and her lungs expanded with air to the point they might burst. The longing in his eyes scorched her.

Caught like a fly in a spider’s web, she nodded, her voice gone.

“Tell me, dearest. I need to hear the words.”

“Yes. Yes, I accept.” 

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#NEBT - "Cassie's Space" by PK Corey

Cassie’s Space 
Title: Author: PK Corey 
Tag Line: Without even knowing it, I had made an impression on the man I would love for the rest of my life. 


Meet Cassie, a former wild child, who meets her match, and creates the match of a lifetime. To nearly all who know her now, Cassie is a vivacious, sweet southern lady, who is the epitome of grace and proper behavior. Look a tiny bit closer and you’ll see that Cassie has another side – the one whose language could make a sailor blush as she drinks him under the table.

Thanks to her loving husband Tom, who even after thirty years of marriage, never hesitates to put Cassie over his knee when she strays too far from his view of ladylike behavior, few people other than close old friends know this side of Cassie exists.

Cassie and Tom show that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grows and changes with age. While aging may bring on challenges – the love and passion between these two people only grows stronger. 

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Available in Kindle and paperback 


We were outside on the terrace, watching the sunset and talking, when the phone rang. It was Steve, Sue’s husband. But for now, let’s call him Big Mouth. He and Tom worked on the same project, so his call didn’t seem unexpected. Tom had the phone on conference and I sat listening as they talked business. Just before they hung up, Big Mouth asked, “Well, Tom, can you believe where the girls ended up this time?”

I froze. I’d already had second thoughts about ever bringing out the toys. I’d had my fun just shopping, and I’d started rethinking the wisdom of telling Tom at all. Tom took the phone off conference and let Big Mouth continue. I sat in stunned silence as I heard Tom ask, “Who came up with that idea?”

I couldn’t take anymore, I got up to go inside, but Tom just mouthed, ‘Sit’. And I sank back into my chair. They talked a bit longer. I couldn’t tell much from Tom’s short comments, but I knew I was in big trouble. I just didn’t know how big until he asked the last question. “Who drove?”

Truly, I promise, the fact that I had a suspended license did not occur to me one time on the trip. Yes, I drove to the shop. I knew the address and I usually drive on our excursions. Sue rented the car, so none of us felt ownership. I just never thought of it. But Tom honed in on that first. Tom hung up and just sat there looking at me.

Finally, he asked, “Cassie, did you have this planned before you went on your trip? Was this shopping expedition your idea?”

Have I explained that lying is one of the things Tom simply will not tolerate? But I knew none of the girls would let that little piece of information slip. The story we’d agreed on just had us going by the shop on a lark, something funny and unusual to do. I felt complete confidence the girls would stick to that story. And they did. Unfortunately, I blew it.

Like a fool, I repeated that we had all decided together at the spur of the moment. We had no big plan. It just happened. Tom sat on the rail looking at me. He just nodded for a minute before he asked, “You went in that store, against my wishes, and put those items on my credit card. How much?”

“I didn’t use your card. I took cash. I spent less than seventy-five dollars.” And with that, I fell face-first into the hole I’d dug for myself. I never carry cash. I am lucky if I can come up with a couple of dollars at any time, even when I travel. Tom lectures me about this every time I travel. The fact that I had thought to get cash and take it with me, gave me away and proved to him that I had planned it all along. Way, way too late, I decided to shut up.

Author Bio 

Meet PK Corey

After spending thirty-six years in two careers I liked just fine, I’ve finally found my dream career as a writer. I’ve been happily married for thirty-six-years and my sweet husband has gotten used to the unique experience of living with a writer. He is very encouraging and an excellent editor when he’s pressed into service.

I’ve been intrigued by spanking stories since before I first saw Ricky spank Lucy. Stories of this nature were hard to come by before the Internet and the ones I found were a little harsh on discipline and very much lacking in love. So, I made up my own stories and enjoyed these in my head for years. I finally began writing them down. Although the lovely women in my stories are spanked often, the love between them and their men takes top priority.

My Cassie’s Space series shows a mature couple who are deeply in love. Despite loving Cassie’s free-spirited ways, Tom is determined to keep her safe, even if it takes a trip over his knee. And with her friend Sue by her side and all they get into, a trip over his knee is very likely. My Cal’s Law series, is about a younger couple. Though they come from very different backgrounds, love and discipline draw them together.

I love my husband, my kids, my cats, reading, writing and hearing from my readers. You can contact me at

PK Corey’s Reading Room blog:


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Amazon Author page:

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#AudioBookReview – “Riding the Pilot” by Jillian Riley and narrated by Jenny Kelly


Why the hell did I get involved with my best friends brother?
It was time to make a choice. Do I follow my head or my heart?
The guy I was dating seemed perfect on paper. Good looking, well-educated, and from a wealthy family. So, why did I feel sick when he was about to propose?
When I found out that my best friend’s brother had lied and said we were married, why didn’t I run the other way?
I guess I just can’t resist a man in uniform. This guy has got it going on... He’s dashing, sexy and strong! The kind of guy you’d like to take for a ride. The ride of a lifetime, that is.
Do I keep up the ruse and pretend to be his wife? Or do I let this pilot crash and burn


Lazy slacker Peter “Dash” Gordon doesn’t wish to join the Air Force, so he lies on his application, saying he’s married when he’s not. He was recruited anyway, and now six years later, he’s happy with his life and wants to continue in the military. In order for him to attend officer school, however, his commanding officer wants to meet Dash’s wife. Now if only he can convince his “wife” to play the role.
Kelly Jennings is dating a wealthy soon-to-be lawyer who’s crazy about her, but something feels off with the relationship. Even though she was already contemplating breaking up with Curt, she never expected Dash to give her a way out. She agrees to help him with his problem, and they both find more than they bargained for.
Dash and Kelly were fun characters and got along great. They’ve known each other for years—his sister is her best friend—but I was surprised they fell in love so quickly. His sister, Diane, was awesome, but their parents were a nightmare.
For the writing, the story flowed pretty well, but the odd time jumps between scenes kept jolting me out of the story. There were also a few confusing stray POV shifts.
I listened to an audiobook copy of this story. The narrator, Jenny Kelly, did a good job with the narration at the beginning and with the character voices throughout. By the midway point to the end, however, the narration slips. The issues are: heavy breathing between sentences, coughing (this happened only once), and the narrator once says the wrong character name and then corrects herself. I hate mentioning these errors because I really do like her voice, but they should’ve been corrected.
I don’t normally listen to audiobooks, but I found out about this story from hearing the retail sample on Audible. It intrigued me so much that I bought a copy. Overall, I’m happy I listened to it, but the above issues should’ve been addressed.
3 Stars

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#AudioBookReview – “A Hundred Breaths” by Jean M. Grant and narrated by Rosalind Ashford


1263, Scotland

Simon MacCoinneach’s vengeance runs deep. The blade is the only way to end the blood-thirsty Nordmen’s reign upon Scottish soil. His soul might be lost, but the mystical Healer he kidnaps from the isles could be the answer for his ailing mother…and his heart.

Isles-born Gwyn reluctantly agrees to a marriage alliance with this heathen Scot in return for the sanctuary of her younger brother from her abusive Norse father. Her brother’s condition is beyond the scope of her Ancient power, for larger healings steal breaths of life from her own body.

As Simon and Gwyn fight to outwit her madman father and a resentful Norse betrothed, Gwyn softens Simon’s heart with each merciful touch. Gwyn’s Seer sister foresees a bloody battle—and an end to the Nordmen—but Simon will also die. Will Gwyn save Simon on the battlefield even if it means losing her last breath?


Scottish warrior Simon MacCoinneach goes with his father, brother, and their men to the Isles to trade with a clan of Nordmen, but the time for peace is over. His brother dies in the ensuing battle, and Simon is injured. The last thing he expected is a beautiful, guileless woman to offer him help, but he doesn’t trust easily.
Gwyn possesses magical abilities as a healer, and she helps anyone who needs it. Her father is a vicious man who has terrorized her community and subjected her family to much pain. After she heals Simon, he kidnaps her in order to force her father into peace.
Gwyn and Simon were interesting characters. She was kind, selfless, and determined to save her younger brother, but her desire to save everyone, even murderers and rapists, was aggravating. I couldn’t connect with Simon. He was bitter and war-hungry, especially in the beginning. After his back-story was revealed and he started to feel guilty about his actions, I finally understood him and began to like him.
I listened to the audio version. The narrator, Ms. Ashford, did a great job with the Scottish and Norse accents. Granted, I’m not sure what Vikings would’ve sounded like back in the day, but I liked her voices for them.
This is a fast-paced story that kept my attention, but the pacing slowed at times since the H/h kept arguing about the same things. Repetition tends to happen, however, when you have two stubborn characters that won’t agree or relent to the other’s will. I prefer this rather than having a wimpy heroine that kowtows to a man. Gwyn was definitely not weak!
I enjoyed all the references to book 1, A Hundred Kisses. The epilogue was the perfect ending for this story and a great preview for the last book in the trilogy.
This book is the prequel to A Hundred Kisses and should be read or listened to first, even though both books are standalones. I listened to Kisses first by mistake, so I learned some spoilers about the prequel. In my opinion, the main characters from one romance book should still be alive and in love in the following book. Killing off the hero or heroine is a big no-no for me, and it completely ruins the HEA. That’s just a pep peeve of mine. While Simon and Gwyn have a HEA at the end of their story, their life together is cut short long before the next book begins.
Anyway, I enjoyed this story a lot, but I wish Simon and Gwyn would’ve had decades together, not just 13 years.
4 Stars

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#AudioBookReview – “A Hundred Kisses” by Jean M. Grant and narrated by Rosalind Ashford


Two wedding nights. Two dead husbands.
Deirdre MacCoinneach wishes to understand her unusual ability to sense others’ lifeblood energies…and vows to discover if her gift killed the men she married. Her father’s search for a new and unsuspecting suitor for Deirdre becomes complicated when rumors of witchcraft abound.
Under the façade of a trader, Alasdair Montgomerie travels to Uist with pivotal information for a Claimant seeking the Scottish throne. A ruthless baron hunts him and a dark past haunts him, leaving little room for alliances with a Highland laird or his tempting daughter.
Awestruck when she realizes that her unlikely travel companion is the man from her visions, a man whose thickly veiled emotions are buried beneath his burning lifeblood, Deirdre wonders if he, too, will die in her bed if she follows her father’s orders. Amidst magic, superstition, and ghosts of the past, Alasdair and Deirdre find themselves falling together in a web of secrets and the curse of a hundred kisses…

Alasdair Montgomerie is on a mission in the Highlands. Several claimants are vying for the Scottish throne, but the English King Edward has sent an evil baron north to kill everyone who’s loyal to one of the claimants. Alasdair has to deliver his sensitive information to a waiting party, but his plans are derailed after he rescues a drowning woman from a lake.

Deirdre MacCoinneach has lost two husbands and a fiancé in a short time span, but her laird father is determined to marry her off again—to Alasdair (who’s going by Aleck Stirick). She has a magical gift in which she can feel heat, energy, and emotions from other people, which she calls Lifeblood. She recognizes Alasdair from her visions and sets off on an adventure with him to find her deceased mother’s people.

Deirdre and Alasdair (Aleck) were strong, stubborn, intelligent characters. I liked them a lot. They kept a lot of secrets from each other, however, which became tiresome after a while.

I enjoyed the side characters of Kate and Christal (spelling?) and would love to see more of them. I wasn’t crazy about Deirdre’s father, Simon, but I hope I’ll like him better in his book, which is the prequel.

The story pacing was quick in the beginning, slowed some in the middle, and picked back up at the end. I normally read ebooks or print books, but I received a copy of this story in audio. It’s 10 hours and 49 minutes long, which I listened to in two days. The narrator, Rosalind Ashford, did a wonderful job speaking with multiple Scottish accents, but it took me a little while to get use to it.

About the reading order…it’s confusing. I believe A Hundred Kisses is book 1, and A Hundred Breaths is book 2 and a full-length prequel. These books are standalones, but I recommend reading or listening to the prequel first. I wish I had done that. I learned a big spoiler in book 1 about the H/h from the prequel.

Anyway, I enjoyed this story, and I’m still going to give the prequel a chance.

4 Stars

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#BookReview – “Midnight Redemption” by Arial Burnz


Obsession doesn't begin to cover it.
Soul mate. Eternal love. Even those words don't do her justice.
I crave her.
I need her.
And yet this damned prophecy looms over every stolen moment we’ve had together.
The entire supernatural world is coming at us like a comet, bent on destroying those we love.
Come heaven or hell, I'll protect her.
No matter what the cost.
No matter who I have to kill.
Even if I have to die to keep her safe.


In the sixth and final book in the Bonded by Blood series, Rick finally gets his Blossom!

For five hundred years, Scottish vampire Broderick “Rick” MacDougal has been finding, loving, and losing his beloved wife Davina. She’s died four times, and he needs to find her fifth reincarnation to fulfill the prophecy that’s been hanging over their heads.

Davina Ferris doesn’t remember her past last lives. Then she meets Broderick and everything she’s ever known falls apart.

Oh my God! What an amazing story!!! Two things I really wanted to happen, happened—the new heroine is named Davina and she looks like her original self from the 1500s! Whoohoo! Rick and Davina have had a turbulent, earth-shattering romance for centuries, but Rick didn’t have to work so hard at romancing her this time around. In all her past lives, she’s never remembered him and their time together (outside of vague dreams), so he had to woo her. That finally changes. Once her memories return, she’s instantly in love with him.

With book five, Midnight Savior, I found it strange but also amusing that Rick was a wealthy celebrity of sorts and that he was living with modern inventions and conveniences (the year was 1888). This continued with Midnight Redemption since it’s set in present day. Rick is still rough around the edges and speaks with his sexy Scottish brogue, but he’s no longer the kilt-wearing vampire from the 1500s or the sea captain of his shipping vessels in the 1600s and 1700s. With each new book, the overall flow and feeling of the series has changed, but that’s to be expected. As time passes, the characters have to adapt and move on.

The side characters were amazing, as usual: Angus and Kahli; Amie (Amice); Cailin and James; Anthony and Christine; Jericho and Chandler; Peter and Cordelia; Malloren; and more. The bad guys were perfectly wicked, but I felt sorry for some of them, especially Mikhail.

I’m not a big fan of flashbacks, but I was in reader heaven each time James and Cailin were on the screen, especially when they were in 1533. (I wasn’t a big fan of them in book 2, Midnight Captive, but I loved them in this story.) The search for the Heart of Terra was a great subplot.

I cried a bit—okay, a lot—when Rick and Angus finally reconciled. These poor brothers have suffered so much from the other’s hand, and I loved each and every scene when they were finally being nice to one another.

I absolutely loved Korban Frost. This book is his first appearance in the series, but he made a huge impact. When his spin-off series is available, I would love to read it.

The finale between the good guys and the Prince was riveting. I couldn’t tear my gaze from my Kindle. All the time-jumps were awesome!

Even though this book is a standalone, it really should be read after the others. A lot of previous characters and events were referenced in this story, and new readers might be confused. I had to rack my brain to remember everything, and sometimes I just couldn’t. There is a glossary/reference table at the back of the book, but it didn’t clear up everything for me. I really wish I had reread those stories before beginning this one.

Ms. Burnz did a wonderful job plotting, but there are some unanswered questions: will Angus and Kahli change their minds and choose redemption (I hope so!); what happened with the original brothers of the prophecy (this might be explained in the spin-off with James and Cailin); what’s going to happen with the Army of Light since their ranks have been decimated; and what about Rick’s and Anthony’s ages (they both look like they’re in their mid-30s, but the human world knows them as father and son, which doesn’t make sense)?

On the whole, the story flows great and is well written. Some scenes could’ve used more detail, but I understand it’s hard to keep every character in sight and on page when so many characters are involved. After all, this book is huge with so much going on. It was a blast to read!

Arial Burnz is one of my favorite authors, and I look forward to reading more from her.
4.5 Stars

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#BookSpotlight - "About Her" a free read by JL Peridot

At least no one found out what happened after.

Julie couldn’t help it. After her brief dalliance with the charming, carefree, married Henry Aston, he was well and truly under her skin. Mr. and Mrs. Aston were only out of town for a couple of weeks when reality sank in—little Julie Ho was just a summer fling.

Here’s how it all turned out in the end. What happened when the Astons got back from their road trip. What happened after a chance meeting in a cocktail bar on the other side of town. And what happened when Henry finally introduced Julie to his wife.

About Her is the long-awaited part two of About Henry from the CapriLuxe Chronicles (you can read part one for free on Wattpad).

Excerpt of “About Her”

I never bring guys back to my place. I’m not one of those women who has her shit together enough to make a bachelorette pad out of a cheap one-bedroom rental. Why would I? When I moved to the city to be closer to work, I didn’t think I’d be staying long.

But before I knew it, I’d signed another lease agreement, then another, with old moving boxes still sealed, still lining the living room wall.

I tried, though, while the Astons were out of town. I went to IKEA, bought a respectable looking flat sheet, and draped it over the boxes. A new lamp, a stack of books, and three half-empty bottles of liqueur now disguised the whole thing as a sideboard. I’d grown up a lot over those six weeks.

Henry seemed impressed. As he walked around the room, his fingers danced over my furnishings like they were piano keys. I was nervous, having him—having anyone—see my dump of an apartment.

But boiling in my gut was also this feeling of fuck it. This place was me, a snapshot of who I was at the time. And maybe I still wouldn’t invite just anyone over, but Henry…well, I wanted him to see. And if he didn’t like it, he could go back to his luxurious hotel and talk to the people in uniform who got paid to be nice to him. I was off the clock. And this place was me.

One by one, he read the spines of the books piled up on my sideboard. When he got to the bottom, he broke into a big smile.

“I love his book.” A world of gushing in just four words. This man was art.

The book he held up, on the other hand, was some banged-up paperback with a weird looking guy on the cover.

“Oh, I haven’t read it. One of the girls at work gave it to me before she transferred to London. What’s it about, then, two people hooking up?”

“That, and more. It’s always about more.”

“I didn’t think trashy books were your thing.”

“Trashy, no. But books can’t be defined by their category. This one’s a good book.” He put it back on top of the pile. His expression was different when he looked at me again.

Was he judging me, maybe for the books he didn’t deem good books? Or maybe for the wisps of dust that had rubbed off on his fingers while touching them? Or the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink?

He stood over me. With my back pressed against the wall, I found it much too close yet still not close enough. My heart thumped so hard, I’m sure he saw the vein in my neck pulsing. His body radiated heat, and he watched me like...I don’t even know what.

Was it a challenge? And examination, maybe? I was a bug under his microscope, and if he’d been anyone else, this whole situation would’ve creeped me the fuck out.

But not with him. Henry, the rich white foreigner in my home, seemed perfectly at ease in my disorganised East Perth pigsty, with not a single smart-arse comment about last year’s Chinese New Year calendar hanging on the wall. Right then, right there, I felt seen. And I felt safe.

“This tell you enough about me?” I asked him. I scratched his scruffy stubble. Did Melody touch him that way too? He gave a lopsided smile.

“Not nearly. How about you show me the bedroom next?”

I don’t recall everything as well as I’d like. I remember the lights not working. I remember my bra hook getting caught in my hair. And I remember Henry’s socks. Now, I hate the sock thing as much as the next girl, but I remember telling him to keep them on. I liked that they were a gift from his wife.

I remember looking up with him kneeling over me, my knees over his shoulders, his arms around my waist, and his face between my legs. His tongue worked sharp, soft, textured, slow, then fast in just the right place. I was drunk, I was numb and warm and scattered and helpless in his grasp. Every muscle in my body tense with anticipation. I was on the edge—right on the fucking edge—ready to go over. But then he pulled away.

“God, why—”

“Not yet.”

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About CapriLuxe Chronicles

Employees skirting the rules, following their desires, risking it all for that heady rush of lust. CapriLuxe Hotels and Resorts caters to an elite clientele with diverse tastes.

CapriLuxe Chronicles, an adults-only anthology, features erotic shorts from authors around the world. Read it for free on Wattpad. (no login required)

About JL Peridot

JL Peridot writes sexy love stories and more from a tiny, cluttered apartment (with no sideboard) in sunny, locked-down Western Australia. Her latest book, “It Starts With A Kiss”, is a nerdy, sci-fi office romance—a little HEA for her fellow ladies in tech. Right now, she’s working on a futuristic romantic suspense novel, washing her hands, and playing a lot of video games.

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#MFRWhooks - "Timeless Honor"

#MFRWHooks #MFRWauthor #TimeTravelRomance #HEA #GeorgianEra #historicalromance

For lovers of time travel romance...

Book 3 in the Mirrors of Time series
Heat Rating - Sensual - 3 Flames 
Time Travel/Historical Romance novella


Jaye Ramsey decided to prove to her eccentric grandmother that time travel only existed in movies by vacationing in Bolivia with her friends. When she woke up in Hawksatter, England, 1735—the same town her grandmother supposedly vanished from as a young woman—Jaye found refuge at a hunting lodge but the strapping, reclusive baron who took her in reminded her all too well she was a lone woman at his mercy.

Accused of murdering his newly-wedded wife a decade earlier, Lord Lucas Kenway closed the family farm and shut out the world. He never expected the little spitfire he claimed responsibility for would turn his quiet life upside down. Pushed together by fate and his meddling servants, Lucas wanted Jaye on his own terms and refused to surrender his hardened heart.
Then a mysterious wise man offered Jaye a way home.
Should she return to the future and the only life she’d ever known, or stay in an uncertain past as a stranger in a new world?


“I love you, Lucas. I think I knew from the first moment I saw you but I fought the pull between us. I didn’t want to feel anything for you but friendship.” Jaye clenched her hands together to keep from holding him. “I’d always hoped the man I fell in love with would also be my best friend. I found him in you, but do you love me?”

Panic flared in his eyes as Lucas gazed over her shoulder at something she couldn’t see.

“I don’t care if your answer is no but you owe me the truth.”

“What is love, Jaye?” Lucas stepped back and tunneled his hands through his hair. The ribbon that held back the curly locks fell to the floor. “Will I treat you as my father treated my mother? Will I indulge in mistresses while you warm my bed and bear my children? No. Will I provide you with housing, fine clothing and food? Will I obey your every whim and treat you as a princess? Yes.” His deep-set eyes pinned her with a narrowed gaze. “I’ll do my best to support you and earn your respect. Is that what you call love?” 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

#NEBT - "Dark Melodies" by Ashe Barker

Book One in The Black Combe Doms Series
Ashe Barker Books, 2020
Released 21 January 2020
Contemporary erotic romance, romantic suspense, BDSM
188,000 words
No cliffhangers, HEA

#eroticromance #ashebarker #dominance #spanking #contemporary #bdsm


Who knows where pain ends, and pleasure begins?

The chance of a new life out in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors sounds too good to be true to shy musician Eva Byrne. Stifled and smothered within the cocoon of her brilliant academic career, Eva yearns for something different. Something real and exciting. Something she can feel.

Excitement. Passion. Pleasure. She finds that sexy, enigmatic Nathan Darke can provide all these and more when she moves into his home as violin tutor to his young daughter. But Eva’s sensual encounters with her demanding, domineering new employer quickly evoke her deepest fears, as he introduces her to the trauma of submission and marks her with his particularly dark brand of love.

But will Eva’s natural curiosity and thirst for new experiences be enough to withstand the sting of Nathan Darke’s exquisite touch? Will simple surrender be enough as he challenges her every inhibition, taking her on an erotic journey of self-discovery and liberation?

This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers.

This novel was previously released as three separate books, Darkening, Darker and Darkest, in the series The Dark Side. In this volume the three books in The Dark Side trilogy are published as one combined novel, under a new title, Dark Melodies with new cover art, no cliffhangers and a HEA.


“God, is it really that late?” I gasp.
“Yes. Time for your practical,” Mr. Darke says softly, leaning back in his chair. Stretching out his foot, he pushes my violin case toward me across the kitchen floor. “You promised me a demonstration of your…skills. By way of a job interview. Then we’ll decide if you’re a music teacher or not.”
Tired as I am, I know I can handle this. This is my moment. Without a word, I kneel by the violin case and carefully open the lid, then extract the instrument from among the folds of my chiffon skirt. Unclipping the bow from the lid of the case, I stand up. I draw the bow experimentally along the strings, just to hear the tone and make any minor tuning adjustments. I have a good ear, and with only minute twists of the keys on the neck of the violin it is perfect, ready to play.
“Any requests?” I ask.
“No, you choose.” He is still seated at the table, waiting. And apparently not expecting much.
Mrs. Richardson has been bustling around the sink, clearing up after our meal, but she also comes to sit back down, drying her hands. Even Barney has opened one of his eyes. All three settle themselves, watching me.
Stepping slightly farther back, away from the table, I stand facing my audience with the door open behind me. I place the violin under my chin, resting my face against it like a favorite pillow, and draw in one long breath. I let it out slowly, and again. My feet are planted firmly, about a foot apart. I am relaxed, grounded. In my element. Now, at least, this I am good at.
Leaning into the violin and closing my eyes, I start one of my favorite melodies, not really written for violin—but I think it works beautifully and I love it. The opening, evocative strains of Ravel’s ‘Boléro’ fill the room. I don’t need to look up or hear his sharp intake of breath as he recognizes the piece, to know that Mr. Darke is stunned. He didn’t expect this from me. I am glowing inside because I know, at last, I have him.
I hear a slight noise behind me and open my eyes to see Mr. Darke leaning slightly to see around me. Placing his index finger vertically across his mouth, he signals for quiet, then beckons with his hand. A little shadow slips around and past me.
A small girl—impossibly pretty, with long, straight dark hair—runs across the room, climbs onto his knee and puts her little arms around his neck. She looks sleepy and is wearing a long, pale pink nightie. Her feet are bare. He hugs her, whispers something in her ear that makes her smile, and he kisses her hair. Then they both turn back to me, silent, watching, listening intently as I continue to play.
Completely in my element, absolutely in control of my audience, the music, the instrument, I sway gently as I slowly, surely develop the piece. I build the melody, pouring my own energy into it, louder, faster, ever more compelling as my bow flies back and forth across the resin-heavy horsehair strings. Unerring, every note perfect, I feel the familiar pull of the evocative music and lose myself in it, completely alert but at the same time only dimly aware of my surroundings, my audience. I coax the music toward its crashing crescendo. I am so exhilarated, so pumped up I feel sure I can fly in that moment, but as the final note dies away I am also aware of feeling drained, as if my last dregs of energy were poured into that piece.
No one moves. No one speaks. In the silence that follows, I straighten and stand before them, violin in my left hand and bow in my right, both now pointed down at the floor. Raising my eyes, I meet Mr. Darke’s gaze.
His face is still, expressionless, but his beautiful dark brown eyes are warm, admiring, the passion of the piece not lost on him. I feel a clenching low down in my belly, glad that I have somehow affected him, touched him. We stare across the kitchen at each other for long moments before he finally comes to his feet, holding the little girl in his arms.
“Bravo, Miss Byrne,” he says softly, bowing his head to me. “That was superb.”

The Black Combe Doms Series Details
Ashe Barker Books, 2020
Released January and February 2020
Contemporary erotic romance, romantic suspense, BDSM
Four super-length novels
Average 186,000 words per novel
HEA endings

Each book in the series is a stand alone novel, but the four are best read as a series, in order.

Book One : Dark Melodies
Book Two : Sure Mastery
Book Three : Hard Limits
Book Four : Laid Bare

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all four are FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.  Available in paperback too

About Ashe Barker

USA Today Bestselling author Ashe Barker writes erotic romance and spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, historical. ménage, gay romance and time travel. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and all her stories feature hot alpha males and sassy submissives, often with a lot to learn. Kink abounds, and there’s enough dirty talk to satisfy the most demanding smut lover. However dark and dirty the setting, love always emerges triumphant, and her stories never fail to deliver a satisfying happy ever after.

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