Monday, April 27, 2020

#AudioBookReview – “Riding the Pilot” by Jillian Riley and narrated by Jenny Kelly


Why the hell did I get involved with my best friends brother?
It was time to make a choice. Do I follow my head or my heart?
The guy I was dating seemed perfect on paper. Good looking, well-educated, and from a wealthy family. So, why did I feel sick when he was about to propose?
When I found out that my best friend’s brother had lied and said we were married, why didn’t I run the other way?
I guess I just can’t resist a man in uniform. This guy has got it going on... He’s dashing, sexy and strong! The kind of guy you’d like to take for a ride. The ride of a lifetime, that is.
Do I keep up the ruse and pretend to be his wife? Or do I let this pilot crash and burn


Lazy slacker Peter “Dash” Gordon doesn’t wish to join the Air Force, so he lies on his application, saying he’s married when he’s not. He was recruited anyway, and now six years later, he’s happy with his life and wants to continue in the military. In order for him to attend officer school, however, his commanding officer wants to meet Dash’s wife. Now if only he can convince his “wife” to play the role.
Kelly Jennings is dating a wealthy soon-to-be lawyer who’s crazy about her, but something feels off with the relationship. Even though she was already contemplating breaking up with Curt, she never expected Dash to give her a way out. She agrees to help him with his problem, and they both find more than they bargained for.
Dash and Kelly were fun characters and got along great. They’ve known each other for years—his sister is her best friend—but I was surprised they fell in love so quickly. His sister, Diane, was awesome, but their parents were a nightmare.
For the writing, the story flowed pretty well, but the odd time jumps between scenes kept jolting me out of the story. There were also a few confusing stray POV shifts.
I listened to an audiobook copy of this story. The narrator, Jenny Kelly, did a good job with the narration at the beginning and with the character voices throughout. By the midway point to the end, however, the narration slips. The issues are: heavy breathing between sentences, coughing (this happened only once), and the narrator once says the wrong character name and then corrects herself. I hate mentioning these errors because I really do like her voice, but they should’ve been corrected.
I don’t normally listen to audiobooks, but I found out about this story from hearing the retail sample on Audible. It intrigued me so much that I bought a copy. Overall, I’m happy I listened to it, but the above issues should’ve been addressed.
3 Stars

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