Friday, March 13, 2020

#BookSpotlight - “About Henry” - a free read by JL Peridot


Let me tell you about Henry. I could get fired for this, but what the hell.

Julie was perfectly fine admiring the rich, American Henry Aston from a distance. That is, until he asked her out to dinner. But just one problem: CapriLuxe Perth has a strict policy against employees fraternising with the guests.

Sorry, two problems: Henry Aston’s married.

Enjoy this steamy short story and more in the CapriLuxe Chronicles — a free erotica anthology.

Excerpt of “About Henry”

“Julie, what would you do if I put my arms around you?”

How random. And sudden. I stared into my phone with unnatural intensity, buying time, thinking of what to say. I shrugged, played it cool. “I guess it depends on what you’d do next.”

“That wouldn’t be up to me,” he said, hand on the railing. His jacket hung open. For the first time, I noticed the tiny monogram embroidered on the corner of his collar: his initials in fancy script. His cologne was subtle, like the crinkle in his cheek when he smiled. “I don’t get to decide what you’d be okay with.”

I put away my phone. “I guess I’d be okay with an arm.”

He raised his free hand to my cheek and brushed away my hair. My face tingled—turning pink perhaps, and liking the perfect pressure of his thick and strong fingers. I imagined him with all his fingers in my hair, pulling me to him, holding me in place. I thought he might kiss me, but his forearm remained resting on my shoulder. He thumbed my cheek; they flushed. Hell, my whole body flushed. Then, there was that little smile teasing the corner of his lips—teasing me.

“All right, what else would you be okay with?”

So many things. But the lights were bright out here and anyone could stumble upon us. And what the hell did I know about this guy anyway?

That he was married. Was I okay with that?

“Are you sure your wife’s all right with this?” I asked.

“With this? Of course.”

“No, I mean, with you and me.”

“You and me. There is no you and me. Not yet. Not if you don’t want it.”

“It’s not that—”

“No?” He raised an eyebrow. Maybe I said that a little too quickly.

“I just...” I sighed. “Look, this is a first for me. I’m not used to the idea that shagging someone else’s husband is okay.”

He chuckled. God, even his half-laughs were sexy. I was fumbling and I knew it. I hadn’t had a fuck in ages and I wanted him so bad—this guy, with his smooth voice and hot American accent. I couldn’t shake the feeling this was wrong, but all it did was make me want it more.

It was a cocktail: desire, rebellion—freedom—and I was getting drunk off it fast. I mean, how unfair is it that you can’t have someone you’re attracted to just because someone else happened to get there first? And yet, I could have Henry. If I wanted him.

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About CapriLuxe Chronicles

Employees skirting the rules, following their desires, risking it all for that heady rush of lust. CapriLuxe Hotels and Resorts caters to an elite clientele with diverse tastes.

CapriLuxe Chronicles, an adults-only anthology, features erotic shorts from authors around the world. Read it for free on Wattpad. (no login required)

About JL Peridot

JL Peridot writes sexy love stories and more from her sunny, West Australian home. Her latest book, It Starts With A Kiss, is a nerdy, sci-fi office romance—a little HEA for her fellow ladies in tech. Right now, she’s working on “About Her”, the follow-up to “About Henry”.

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