Saturday, August 17, 2019

#BookReview – “Ral’s Woman” by Laurann Dohner


Ariel never knew aliens existed until she finds herself kidnapped and taken from Earth. When the Anzon declare humans useless, she learns her fate — prize for the winner of a brutal fight between large, muscled alien men.

Ral is a Zorn warrior. He has also been kidnapped by the Anzon, along with his crew. Forced into slavery, he's got one thing on his mind — freeing his people. That is, until he sees the small human woman he's willing to fight to win. He doesn't just want her body, he wants her heart forever.

In the hands of a hot alien, Ariel is about to discover how pleasurable captivity can be.


In the first Zorn Warriors book, the cruel Anzon aliens kidnap Ariel from Earth and make her a slave. When they find out their bodies aren’t sexually compatible, they offer her up as a prize to their Zorn slaves and force the men to fight in order to win her.
Ral, a beefy, gorgeous dark-haired Zorn, wins the battle. At first sight and sniff, he falls in love with her and binds her to him as his mate for life. After they escape their captors and go to the planet Zorn, however, their problems really begin.
I really liked this story. Ral is sexy, gentle, attentive, and he’s wild about Ariel. He’s also basically a prince to the Zorn people.
Ariel is a strong woman, but she does let him walk over her at times. I wish I could’ve learned more about her past on Earth. She misses her family and friends, but she never seemed too broken up about not being able to go home.
Love and romance bloomed very fast. I understand it from Ral’s POV, but Ariel seemed to fall head over heels a little too fast given the trauma she’d experienced.
Ral has an overprotective family—mostly a few sexy brothers and a really hot dad—and I enjoyed the family dynamics as they learn to accept Ariel, a lowly human, into their fold. Little do they realize the major changes that Ariel and the human race will bring to Zorn.
I have an older copy of this novella, and it could use an edit (misspelled words, choppy sentences, etc). Hopefully, the re-released version is in better shape. The story is told in third person, Ariel’s POV, but I would’ve liked to have read from Ral’s POV too.
I’m looking forward to reading more in the series.
4 Stars

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