Sunday, August 18, 2019

#BookReview – “Kidnapping Casey” by Laurann Dohner


All Casey wants is to avoid being arrested on trumped-up charges from her persistent ex-boyfriend. Running through the woods to escape two deputies sounds like a great plan until they catch her. Thinking it’s all over, waiting to hear the snap of the handcuffs, she instead hears a roar.

A huge, tall, muscular man comes to her rescue. She’s being saved by Bigfoot—and he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. The attraction between them is instant, and after spending a little time with him, Casey wants to take him home and keep him.

There are a few problems with that plan. He’s not the legendary creature, but he definitely isn’t human. Argernon is a warrior from Zorn. They do have one thing in common—he wants to take her home and keep her. He’s kidnapping Casey.


In the second Zorn Warriors book, Casey is running through the woods to outrun her cheating ex-boyfriend’s hired goons. When a large, sexy, hairy man saves her, she finds herself naked in his arms and soon on a spaceship. Argernon is from the planet Zorn, and he’s claimed her as his bound (his mate/wife). Though he fell in love with her the first time they had sex, she’s not so sure about leaving Earth. When the ship is attacked and she later finds out about his dirty little secret, she’s heartbroken and the tentative love between them comes crashing down.
This is a really good story. Casey is a proud, brave, and stubborn woman, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone, especially from Argernon. I admired her strength and her will to not submit, even though her determined lover knew exactly how to seduce her.
Argernon is the type of man who would do anything for the woman he loves, but he doesn’t understand Earth women. As he and Casey learn about each other’s cultures, their relationship is put to the test. Their pain and sorrow left me teary-eyed, and I love when a book can make me feel attached to the characters.
Argernon’s brother, Rever, befriends Casey and helps her when needed. His other brother, Ral, only wants to protect him. I loved the way Ariel, Ral’s bound, came to Casey’s rescue and how she put Ral in the doghouse. The poor man is so torn about what to do. It’s funny and sad at the same time.
The story is mostly in Casey’s POV (Argernon only gets half a chapter in his POV), but I still felt like I understood him. This is a good book and series for sci/fi romance lovers to try.
4 Stars

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