Thursday, August 1, 2019

#BookReview – “The Duelist’s Seduction” by Lauren Smith


Helen Banks is going to die. When her twin brother gambles away their fortune, she must save his life and take his place in a duel to satisfy the honor of a man her brother couldn’t pay. Disguised as her brother, Helen faces the one man she’s admired from afar, a widower with a dark past and eyes that scorch her very soul. 

Since Gareth Fairfax lost his wife, the darkness in his heart continues to grow. Lashing out at anyone who opposes him, Gareth is stunned to face a lovely young woman opposite his dueling pistol. After discovering Helen’s deception, he offers her a choice: become his mistress or her brother dies. 

Their devil’s bargain turns into a slow, sweet, intoxicating seduction. With each passing hour, Helen uncovers Gareth’s secret heartbreak and yet she can’t help but fall for the man who has ruined her. With Helen in his arms, Gareth wonders if he might yet be saved. All it takes is one passionate embrace, a kiss from the depths of his soul and a night of wild abandon.


In the first book in the Seduction series, Helen Banks dons a mask and her twin brother’s clothing to partake in a duel. Her twin, Martin, has gambled away their meager inheritance and is now indebted to a wealthy man who demands payment in any form.
Gareth Fairfax didn’t expect to find a woman meeting him for the duel and sees in her a new opportunity. He refuses to follow through with the duel even though she shot him, and he decides to let her pay her brother’s debt by coming home with him. Though he knows she’s an innocent, he doesn’t care, and their affair turns into more than he ever bargained for.
Helen is a realistic, self-sacrificing woman. She knows what her future holds and is prepared to die if necessary. Gareth is desperately lonely and so fueled by pain he demands an illegal duel in order to be killed or hanged for murder. I liked Helen for the most part, but I couldn’t connect with Gareth. He never physically hurt Helen, but he still didn’t treat her right.
The sex scenes were hot and took up a good deal of the book.
The story is told mostly in Helen’s POV and occasionally in Gareth’s. I think I would’ve liked and understood Gareth better if I could’ve seen things from his perspective more often.
The story is a little repetitive with some minor grammar issues. Also, when did Helen and Gareth arrive at his home? Morning or night? Both words were used interchangeably.
Anyway, the plot is solid, the characters interesting, and the scenery beautifully detailed. I would like to read more books by Ms. Smith.
3.5 Stars

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