Saturday, March 24, 2018

Review - ‘Tell It Like It Is’ by Stanalei Fletcher


When Northstar Security agent Justine Shelby is assigned to protect world-famous author Rosalee Kane, the last thing she wants is help from the author’s nephew, prickly but attractive FBI Special Agent Nelson Kane. Shelby is used to depending on herself and is content to work alone, but Rosalee and Kane make Shelby wish for something more. Of course, he may never forgive her if the assignment isn’t successful, and the threats are escalating.
Kane doesn’t trust Northstar Security, blaming them for his close brush with death. His first encounter with the deceptively innocuous agent doesn’t improve his attitude, but circumstances compel them to join forces. As things turn deadly and their every move is countered, Kane comes to depend on Shelby in a race against the clock to keep Rosalee alive. Shelby and Kane must uncover the deadly betrayal without dying first.


In the fifth book in the Northstar Security series, Justine Shelby works for the civilian-run Northstar Security agency, and her latest assignment is to protect an elderly best-selling author from a few death threats. The author, Rosalie Kane, isn’t as helpless as Shelby originally thought, and what should’ve been an easy assignment takes a turn for the worse.
FBI Special Agent Nelson Kane never believed his eccentric aunt was in danger until a maid was found murdered in the aunt’s hotel room. He doesn’t trust Northstar agents after an incident in his past, and he buts heads with Shelby time and again. When they’re forced to go on the run to escape an unknown assailant, he soon realizes Shelby is just as determined to protect Rosalie as he is, and that Rosalie is determined to play matchmaker.
Shelby and Kane are interesting, likable characters. He’s guided by an infallible sense of right and wrong, she’s determined to survive no matter how dirty she has to play, but they’re both so stubborn and so much alike they can’t help but argue. Though romance bloomed slowly (this is a clean romance—no sex and very little kissing), there was a lot of sexual tension between them.
My favorite character is Rosalie. She’s feisty, fun, and holds the story together.
The mystery/suspense revolving around the attempts on Rosalie’s life kept the plot going and the pacing fast. Though I suspected who the bad guy was fairly early on, I didn’t see the twist at the end, so that was a good surprise.
The story is well written with a HFN ending, and I definitely enjoyed it.
5 Stars

Disclaimer – I volunteered to read and review this book. Thank you, Stanalei Fletcher, for sending me an ebook copy. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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