Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Review – ‘Fatal Flight’ by Madelon Smid


Adam Hamilton becomes enmeshed in a world of danger when he finds Sky Stravinsky and asks her to meet the grandmother she didn’t know exists. Has he made an enemy as chief engineer and test pilot for a military project, or did he stumble over one of Sky’s. Not fully recovered from injuries suffered when his jet crashed, Adam is torn between opposing forces, while caught up in the attacks on Sky. Still, he fights for this fascinating pilot, determined to keep her safe and win her love. 

Everything Sky values comes under attack, from her airfield to her airplanes, to her life. Faced with a hidden enemy and Adam’s intrusion into her world, Sky feels trapped by circumstances outside her control. In time, Adam gains her trust as her sponsor for competitive aeronautics, but he wants something Sky won’t give—her heart. Meeting her grandmother and developing a relationship with Adam will pull her back into their world of wealth and entitlement. Sky won’t become a rich man’s plaything again. 

Will the threats that force them together convince Sky Adam deserves a place in her life?


In the first book of the Sisters in Peril series, top-notch aerobatic pilot Sky Stravinski co-owns a flight school with her father and participates in worldwide competitions to help fund her family’s business. When a stranger shows up at Sky’s school and demands she meet with her grandmother, a woman Sky had never known about, her life is upended.
As a former Air Force pilot and the current chief engineer for a multi-billionaire dollar aeronautical corporation, Adam Hamilton is used to making government contracts and designing/testing prototype aircrafts, not searching for a mystery woman at the whim of his beloved godmother. But he promised Brigita he would find her granddaughter and bring her home, so that’s what he intends to do. He just never expected Sky to be so stubborn. When someone tries to kill Sky, and with the in-house espionage at his own company, Adam knows there’s more at stake than just his heart.
Adam and Sky are very likable characters. They’re both strong and stubborn, and they have great chemistry, but Sky isn’t a trusting person. Though I really liked the heroine, I found her refusal to curse a little off-putting. (She would use food references in place of curse words, like “banana” for “damn.”) Adam is very understanding and intelligent. He’s not the typical arrogant, alpha pilot, but a man in touch with his feelings and what he wants out of life.
Max (Sky’s adopted dad), Brigita, and Patrick (Adam’s dad) are wonderful side characters and add their own flavor to the story. I really enjoyed all the flying scenes, piloting maneuvers, and flight info threaded throughout the book.
The story ends with a HEA, but I really wished there would’ve been an epilogue. The H/h live and work in different parts of the country, and I would’ve liked to have seen how they handle that obstacle. Still, I enjoyed the story and would definitely recommend it.
5 Stars

Disclaimer – I volunteered to read and review this book. Thank you, Madelon Smid, for sending me an ebook copy. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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