Thursday, March 22, 2018

Review – ‘Breaking the Rules’ by Katie O’Sullivan


Jake Campbell hates rules. Undercover to stop a drug ring at a posh Cape Cod resort, he can’t resist the fiery head chef, Abbie Duncan. She may be on the suspect list, but he can’t keep his hands to himself. With a rising body count, he must keep Abbie safe…but can he trust her with his jaded heart?


Undercover cop Jake Campbell needs his latest assignment to work out since he messed up so bad on the one, but after his partner unexpectedly leaves for family troubles, Jake has no other choice but to continue the op without him. Going undercover as a prep chef in a five-star restaurant/hotel, he believes someone at the restaurant is dealing a highly lethal designer drug, and he soon runs afoul with one of the head chefs.
Abigail Duncan doesn’t like the cocky new man in her kitchen, but that doesn’t stop her surprising attraction to him. She has a rule, though: no dating co-workers. But after a few of her employees start overdosing on drugs, she’s pulled into a nightmare she never expected, and she begins to realize Jake is much more than he seems.
Jake is totally swoothworthy, and Abbie is one smart, tough woman. They’re awesome characters with lots of chemistry. The attraction between them is immediate, but they get to know one another before things heat up.
The novella is well written without any typos that I noticed, and I enjoyed the author’s writing style. For a sexy, fast-paced police investigative romance, this is a great book to read.
5 Stars

Disclaimer – I volunteered to read and review this book. Thank you, Katie O’Sullivan, for sending me an ebook copy. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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