Monday, August 12, 2019

#FreebieAlert - "My Valentine Adventure" by Amber Daulton

Publisher: Daulton Publishing
Release Date: March 18, 2019 
Genre: Contemporary Valentine’s Day Romance 
Word Count: 20k
Heat Level: 2 Flames

Free - August 12-16
Amazon Only


Parker Townsend raised his children alone after he lost his wife, but then he’s roped into an unwanted blind date after his two little hellions placed a “Mom Wanted” ad in the local paper.
Claire Lauer answered the want ad with few expectations and met Parker on Valentine’s Day, a day she hated with a passion. As an animal rights activist and a divorcĂ©e, she felt more comfortable with a placard in her hand than in the company of a handsome man with emotional baggage.
After a protest takes a turn for the worse, she seeks shelter in her date’s arms and loses time in his bed. Will Parker and Claire find the courage to lay their fragile hearts on the line, or will they forever live in a world of gray?


Parker didn’t care about Glenn’s speech, not when he needed to find Claire and make sure she was safe. Police sirens wailed in the distance—someone probably called them before the tiger prowled free, which explained how they arrived so soon—and he finally spotted his wayward date.
Claire climbed up on the cab of Glenn’s truck as though for a better vantage point. She swept her gaze over the protesters and then waved her arms in the air as she met Parker’s gaze.
He forced his way to her. Relief flooded his veins like a drug as he reached her side. Lifting his arms, he grasped her waist and helped her down.
“Stuff like this doesn’t happen often, Parker. It’s just a crazy night.” She braced her hands on his shoulders as she slid down the length of his body. People shoved past them, fleeing both the incoming police and the freed tiger out for blood.
Parker tightened his arms around her, holding her close, not giving her the chance to fly the coop. Claire gripped the lapels of his jacket as a strange gleam lit her eyes like blue fire. She kissed him as though her life depended on it. Stars danced in his eyes from the fevered onslaught of her lips. Her body pressed against his, but he couldn’t savor the moment.
Red and blue lights flashed down the street and headed right toward them.

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