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#AuthorInterview #NewRelease - "Touch Me" by Nancy Fraser

Thank you, Nancy, for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to learn more about you.

What kind of research did you do for Trust Me?

I had sex. Well, not recently, but my imagination is healthy. 

Did you travel, use the Internet, speak with experts on a topic, etc?

I did, at one point, take a trip down memory lane. It’s very long and dusty road. 

What process did you go through when you picked your characters’ names for Trust Me?

I have a few favorites. Or, I’ll hear a name on television and think, “that’s nice”. Most often, I just calculate the year my hero or heroine was born and look up popular names for that year. Just as an aside... “Nancy” is never there. 

Are your characters based on anyone you know? 

I wish. I’d be nabbing my hero, Aaron Blake, for myself. 

Do any of your characters take over and write the book themselves sometimes? Who?

Most often it’s the hero that speaks to me. Or, at least, he’s the one whispering the dirty words. 

What do you prefer: ebook or print? Why?

I love a good print book on a rainy day. There’s something comforting about a big chair, a hot cup of coffee, and a great book. However, I’m usually too busy to sit and read, so I grab my e-reader for convenience sake. 

How long have you been writing? When did you decide to become an author?

I’ve been writing romance since the mid-1990s and published my first book in 1996. I knew from a young age (probably middle school) that I wanted to write. Thankfully, I had a number of great English teachers who prompted me to do just that. 

What did you do when you received your first Acceptance Letter?

I was at work when the late, and wonderful, Kate Duffy called me from Kensington in New York. One of my best friends had sold to them a few days before. Once I hung up from talking to Kate, I called my friend and told her we’d be sharing shelf space in November. I think we both deafened our co-workers with our excited screams. It was kind of weird that I was less excited talking to Kate but it really hit me when I share the news. 

All writers suffer from writer’s block at least once in their career. What’s your go-to cure?

Simple. Jealousy. I move on to another project and then, all of a sudden, my heroine is begging me to come back and my hero is taunting me with his grins and those sexy swear words. It usually only takes a day for them to figure out I’ve left them behind. 

Sometimes the romance genre gets a bad reputation for being cliché and full of Fabios. How do you respond to that?

I usually don’t. Those that bash romance are never going to read one, so I don’t think it’s productive to waste my valuable time arguing with them and trying to convince them otherwise. It’s their loss that they can’t accept the wonderful values and love that we share in our books. 

We all need a little inspiration in our lives. What’s your favorite quote and why?

“If the sex scene doesn't make you want to do it - whatever it is they're doing - it hasn't been written right.” - Sloan Wilson. This should be the credo of every author who writes steamy romance. It’s honest, it’s to the point, and he’s right. 

Any advice for the aspiring authors out there? Particularly those who are feeling a little discouraged?

Actually, two pieces of advice. First, don’t let your mother, or sister, or cousin read your manuscript as a means to judge the quality. They’re going to tell you it’s great, even when it needs a good polish. Second, a solid career is built on perseverance and hard work. Don’t let the nay-sayers cramp your ambition or gloss over your goals. Make a wish list for where you want to be in one year, two, five, and work toward getting there. 

How do you market your books? What do you find more effective?

Well, first of all, I own real estate on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter which is where my target audience resides. I have Instagram but I find it a bit “young” for me. I’m a big fan of using online sites like Red Roses and The Fussy Librarian to get a one-day promo boost.
For my longer books, I also venture into BookBub and Amazon advertising. It also helps to have my own author services company, because I create my own media advertising and trailers. 

What is your favorite book? Favorite author?

My favorite book is a real oldie but goodie. Chain Lightning by the absolutely fabulous Elizabeth Lowell. I have a dog-eared signed copy from 1986 that I read twice a year—on my birthday and on New Years. 

Besides writing and reading, what are some of your hobbies?

Writers are allowed to have hobbies? Great! Something else to add to my schedule. Just kidding, of course. I love to travel and I’m really missing it this year. I’d planned to take my three granddaughters to Paris this summer. So much for that idea! 

What’s your most bizarre life experience? 

That’s easy. Millenia ago, I worked at a medical center in a very large city. One night as I was leaving work, I stopped at the stop light and a man stepped out in front of my car. I thought to myself, if he pulls a gun, I’m going to run him down. I had one foot on the brake and the other hovering over the gas pedal and my car was a big boat of a car, so I figured I’d get him in one fell swoop.
He stuck his hands in his pockets and thought, this is it. He jerked open his coat and he was stark naked. I couldn’t help it, I started laughing. Hard. He got offended, closed his coat and walked away.
That bizarre incident became the opening for the very first book I sold, way back in 1996. 

If you change places with any other writer, living or dead, who would it be?

That’s easy. H.G. Wells. I’ve published two time-travel romances and both were well received but neither was as great as those written by the master!

Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Short Story (35 pages)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (Scarlet Rose Imprint)
Release Date: July 20, 2020
Touch Me is available for the very enticing price of 99¢!


Tax consultant Katherine Weller isn't ready for a relationship after a divorce that left her empty. But when her best friend suggests she set up a sex-only date through Lusty Liaisons, a unique and exclusive dating service, she's uncertain but intrigued.
Maybe a hot romp with a sexy, younger man is exactly what she needs to take that confident first step into her new life as a single woman.


Monday came and went. Tuesday...nothing. By Wednesday, Katherine wanted nothing more than to bury herself beneath a mound of blankets and stay there until her death. Or her eightieth birthday, whichever came first. By then, she’d be over the embarrassment of not being chosen for a night of uncomplicated, albeit hot, sex.

Lillie’s daily request for a progress report wasn’t helping matters.

Katherine’s cell dinged—a sure sign Lillie was sending her another message of encouragement. After pouring herself a second glass of Cakebread Chardonnay, Katherine picked up her phone, ran her fingertips across the lock screen, and stabbed the blinking icon.

You have a request.

Katherine double checked the sender’s name. Lusty Liaisons.

Damn! Hands shaking, she opened the email.

You’ve made a sexy match!

A request for contact was received from Aaron Blake. Mr. Blake is offering a fun-filled night at the Hudson Inn, Somerville, for this coming Saturday beginning at eight in the evening. If you decide to accept, please respond to this email. We will make the arrangements and confirm within twenty-four hours.

Click the link below to read Aaron’s profile.

She re-read the email twice before finally clicking on the profile link.

Aaron Blake, age thirty-two. Six-foot-two, two-hundred ten pounds. Occupation: government contractor. Sexual preferences: almost anything goes, although not into bondage.

Her gaze shot back to the top of the profile as it had at least a dozen times. Aaron Blake’s photo stared back at her. His crooked smile taunted her, as if daring her to ignore him. A thin scar ran from the corner of his right eye and down the side of his face, yet it wasn’t disfiguring in the least. If anything, it drew her attention to his deep-set, brown eyes and long lashes. His dark hair was peppered with a touch of gray. A hint of stubble shadowed his square jaw.

All-in-all, he was gorgeous. And no doubt able to get any woman he wanted. What could he possibly want with a woman ten years his senior?

Before she could lose her nerve, she pressed the reply key, checked the box that said “accept,” and hit the send button.

Author Biography

NANCY FRASER—Jumping Across Romance Genres with Gleeful Abandon—is an Amazon Top 100 and Award-Winning author who can’t seem to decide which romance genre suits her best. So, she writes them all.
Like most authors, Nancy began writing at an early age, usually on the walls and with crayons or, heaven forbid, permanent markers. Her love of writing often made her the English teacher’s pet which, of course, resulted in a whole lot of teasing. Still, it was worth it.
Published in multiple genres, Nancy currently writes for three publishers and has recently dipped her toe into the self-publishing market. She has published over thirty books in full-length, novella, and short format.
When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five energetic grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

Author Media Links

Twitter: @nfraserauthor
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