Saturday, July 4, 2020

#BookReview – “Savior in the Saddle” by Delores Fossen


Willa Marks is pregnant. Afraid. And can't remember anything beyond two months ago. What she does know is that she can't trust the police to keep her safe. So when two men—cops—appear at her door, all she can think about is escape. But instinct tells her to trust one of them….

Brandon Ruiz is ex-military. Sheriff of a small town in Texas. And Willa's ex-boyfriend. Or so he claims. Now that they've found her, he's determined to keep Willa safe from her would-be assassin. But to do that he has to stay distanced. He can't let her touch, her scent, reach him. Can't let her kisses inflame him.

He thinks if she remembers, she'll be safe. But he's wrong….


Willa Marks has gone through hell and back. She narrowly survived a hostage situation while at her OBGYN appointment, and now she’s suffering from severe amnesia and short-term memory loss. She doesn’t trust cops for good reason. Twice they’ve failed to protect her and her unborn daughter from a mysterious assassin. Now she’s on the run.
Sheriff Brandon Ruiz needs to gain Willa’s trust, and fast. So he and the police concoct a lie to gain her cooperation—they claim Brandon is her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child. Brandon gets more than he bargained for—her trust and her problems—and now everyone around them is a possible murder suspect.
I definitely liked Willa. She’s strong and smart, but she let her new bodyguard take the lead too often.
I’m surprised Brandon never rode a horse, given the book title. The story takes place in Texas, but could’ve been set anywhere. He cared for Willa, wanting to protect her and the baby, but he kept at an emotional distance from her for a long while.
I love romantic suspense books, but this one focuses more on suspense and intrigue than it does on romance. Sexual attraction and worry over the baby, however, drew the couple together.
The shoot-out and bomb explosions in the town were entertaining, but hard to visualize. The ending wasn’t very clear, but I got the gist.
Overall, I liked the story for the suspense, but I wish there would’ve been more romance.
3 Stars

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