Sunday, December 29, 2019

#BookReview – “Uncontrollable” by Susan Kearney


When FBI operative Amanda Lane goes undercover to find a murderer, she makes a disturbing discovery: Hathaway Balkmandy, her main suspect, can control desire. Through some extraordinary power, he can make any woman want him. And he’s set his sights on Amanda.

When paramilitary agent Bolt Tanner gets assigned to the case, he finds himself with a smart, gorgeous partner...who’s dangerously incapacitated. He has no choice but to come to her rescue—by satisfying her every sexual need.

But they have to discover the source of Hathaway’s strange effect fast, because Amanda’s urges are becoming uncontrollable. And only Bolt’s exquisite—and constant—sensual attention is keeping her from succumbing to Hathaway...the man who killed her sister!


In the seventh book of the Heroes Inc. series, FBI agent Amanda Lane is investigating a cruel, smarmy man since she believes he’s responsible for the death of her sister and other crimes she can’t prove. The man, Hathaway, owns a popular fashion-modeling agency and women can’t control themselves around him. Quite literally. He has a strange, unnatural ability to make any woman he wants fall into lust and beg him to sleep with her.
Bolt Tanner, an undercover Shey Group agent, is looking for a missing perfume bottle that’s rumored to enhance the paranormal powers of its owner. Luckily for both him and Amanda, she is partially immune to Hathaway’s evil charms, but that only draw’s the bad guy’s attention. As they work together, love blooms. But can Amanda trust her feelings while under Hathaway’s influence?
This is a very unusual romance novel. The sexual tension between Amanda and Bolt was off the charts. Though Amanda struggled to repel Hathaway, the scenes between them were hot too. Amanda is a very strong character and I loved her determination to not give up. Bolt is so understanding and truly a decent person, even when another man is turning on the woman he loves.
Though I liked the story, the pacing dragged a little and there was a lot of repetition. There were a lot of sex scenes, too, but given the nature of the plot, the number is understandable.
The ending didn’t make sense to me. I don’t want to give too much away, but Amanda shoots Hathaway and the cops didn’t arrest her. (She wasn’t carrying her badge.) Then the cops find proof that he killed her sister. In the real world, she would’ve been in handcuffs since she had motive to kill him.
Anyway, I enjoyed the plot about the paranormal bottle, the H/h’s search for it, and for the couple’s great chemistry.
3 Stars

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