Friday, December 27, 2019

#BookReview – “A Burning Obsession” by Susan Kearney


Kimberly Hayward was a stickler for the details in her action-adventure script. She'd checked out every heist--and murder!--for authenticity. Now she had to inject some more sizzle into the love scenes. Who better to help with some "hands-on" research than the mysterious but sexy Jason Parker?

Field agent Jason had never tackled an assignment like this--til a gorgeous blonde who seemed to be up to something suspicious. And he was certain the case didn't involve indulging in sexual fantasies with Kimberly, but who could resist? She seduced him one night--and even took notes, strangely enough! No question, their unfolding relationship was hot, explosive...obsessive. But what happened next wasn't even in the script....


In the fourth book of the Heroes Inc. series, Kimberly Hayward is a Hollywood screenwriter who’s so close to signing her erotic/thriller heist script to a movie director. Her research vacation to the UK is twofold: she needs to make sure the items that are being stolen in the script could really be stolen in real life, and she needs to figure out how to add in the erotic elements the director wants. She’s having a blast playing the “spy” and sneaking into a library to steal a page from an important historical book, but she didn’t expect that a real spy would be watching her.
In truth, Jason Parker is a professional jewel thief wanted in several countries, but he owes a favor to a secretive agency called the Shey Group. The Shey caught him a while back but didn’t turn him over to the authorities, so he agreed to watch Kimberly to figure out if she’s a real spy. His gut tells him she’s innocent, but when the items she’s investigating actually go missing, he wonders if her innocence is all an act.
I love the plot but found it a little confusing. Kimberly is a determined, stubborn woman, but she’s uptight and naïve. She continuously debated about whether or not to like, trust, and sleep with Jason. Her internal thoughts and dialogue grew repetitive. Jason is charming, persuasive, and very light-fingered when it comes to snatching jewels and opening Kimberly’s blouse without her knowing. My confusion stemmed from the heist. I just couldn’t understand how Jason knew so much with so little explanation to how he figured it all out.
There are a few unanswered questions. Mainly: how did the actual thief manage to steal the items when he wasn’t a professional?
Also, the scene with Jason and Kimberly in the hot tub was sooooo hot, but unrealistic. Police officers would never let a naked couple play around in a bubble bath while they searched the bedroom for a stolen artifact. Other than that, the book was very realistic, in my opinion, and made for a fun heist story.
Anyway, I liked the book and would like to read more from this author.
3.5 Stars

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