Friday, October 11, 2019

#BookReview – “Some Enchanted Evening” by Christina Dodd


Once upon a time . . .

in a kingdom high in the Pyrenees, three young princesses were forced to flee the chaos in their land—vanishing without a trace and lost to their people . . . until the day a courageous prince can bring the princesses home.

One of Scotland's most dangerous men, Robert MacKenzie is dazzled by the enchanting beauty who rides into the town he is sworn to defend. Though he is wary of the exquisite stranger, Clarice stirs emotions within him that Robert buried deeply years before. And now he must have her at any cost, vowing to gain her trust through the powers of his sensuous seduction.

Torn between her need to protect her secrets and her aching desire for the dark, tormented earl of Hepburn, Clarice is pulled into Robert's glamorous world . . . and into his perilous plan for justice and revenge. And with the winds of treachery swirling around them, a runaway princess must draw Robert's heart from the shadows and make him believe in happily-ever-after.


In the Lost Princesses trilogy, the French Revolution has swept Europe into turmoil. The king and the dowager queen of the small mountainous country of Beaumontagne have sent his three young daughters to England for safety.
In the neighboring little county of Richarte, a cruel usurper has seized the throne from the rightful prince. He’ll do anything to find and kill the princesses, for the eldest princess and the prince are destined to wed in order to unite the two countries.
In the first book, the middle princess, Clarise, and her younger sister Amy live the lives of peddlers and charlatans. They claim to be exiled princesses to sell face creams made with special “royal” ingredients. Though their scam often works, it’s attracted the attention of a nefarious English magistrate who wants to see Clarise hung. As they employ their skills in a little Scottish town, the local laird takes Clarise under his protection, but he doesn’t believe she’s a princess.
Robert MacKenzie, the earl of Hepburn, needs to rescue his friend from a vicious officer in the English Army and requires Clarise’s help. After seduction fails, he blackmails her into helping him.
Clarise is a kind, beautiful, compassionate woman who always tries to make other people feel good about themselves.
Robert is stubborn, determined, so single-minded in his objectives, and downright cold at times. Once you learn his back story, however, his calculated coldness makes a lot of sense and you see the honorable man underneath the dark veneer.
My favorite character is Lady Millicent, Robert’s older spinster sister. I loved the way she blossomed into her own woman, gained confidence, and finally started to live her life.
Though Robert got his revenge and I loved the way it happened, I wished the despicable Colonel Ogley would’ve been publicly humiliated and punished for his sins.
There are a few unanswered questions. The most important one, in my opinion, is that Clarise and her sisters went into hiding because people wanted to kill them. By the end of the story, Clarise is no longer “hiding” and it should be very easy for the bad guys to find her, but this isn’t mentioned as if she’s no longer in danger. Also, I found the timeline of the story confusing. The princesses have lived in England for several years, but there are discrepancies as to how long when you compare the number of years to their ages.
The pacing slowed in the middle. There were a few typos but nothing major. I love stories told in multiple POVs—more than just the H/h—but this one sometimes lacked scene breaks to denote the change, which led to confusion. Even so, I really enjoyed it, and I’m anxious to read the next book in the series.
4 Stars

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