Saturday, October 26, 2019

#BookReview – “Handcuffed to the Sheikh” by Teresa Morgan


When she opened her front door, the last thing Maxine Foss expected was a hot stranger with a set of handcuffs. Now she's shackled to a sexy, but crazy, person who claims he's an Arabian prince—and her lover. No way. If she had ever gotten naked with a guy this delicious, she would never forget.

Insanity is catching...

Alone in a secluded cabin, Sayd offers his body for her pleasure. But the price for giving in to his temptation could be her sanity, not to mention her freedom... and just maybe, her life.


Max is seriously jetlagged when she returns home from a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Though it’s late at night, she answers the doorbell and finds herself face-to-face with the most gorgeous and angriest man she’s ever seen. He drugs her, kidnaps her, and then demands she apologizes to him. Yeah, Max is totally confused, but she can’t help her attraction to the hot psychopath who claims she’s his wife.
Sayd isn’t as crazy as she believes. He’s been searching for his missing wife for the past three months. Though he thought his enemies had kidnapped Max, he finds her alive and happy, so he’s furious when he goes to her apartment, thinking she lied and betrayed him. But as they start to talk and put the puzzle pieces together, they soon learn the truth. She doesn’t remember the past two years of her life—she doesn’t remember Sayd—and he’s determined to make her fall in love with him all over again.
I liked the story but found it confusing. I honestly don’t understand how Max didn’t realize she was living a lie when her family knows about her marriage. Doesn’t she talk to them? Wouldn’t they wonder why she left her doting husband, a prince? The proof of their marriage is also plastered all over the Internet.
I liked the characters and felt bad for both of them. Poor Sayd has been through a terrible time with losing Max, and Max has been totally violated with her mind being wiped. Though the story ends with a HEA, I wish the mystery around Max’s past, how she and Sayd met (as adults, not kids), and their relationship would’ve been better explained.
3 Stars

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