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Review - 'Reflections of the Wolf' by Lori King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


After being rescued from a crazy werewolf with murderous intent, Tina Jameson has a scorching night with Liam Gray, local firefighter and Beta Wolf of the Gray Pack. When he announces that she is predestined to be his mate, she is fast to push him away.

Suddenly she finds herself in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions and rioting desires. Having been a victim of a senseless act of violence in her past, Tina has given up on a forever kind of love, even if that man turns her on like no one else has.

Liam didn’t think he wanted a mate, but his wolf wants Tina in his bed and his life for good. In order to have her he must let go of the guilt he has from his daughter’s death and then help Tina to let go of her own tragic past. Can one night determine their destiny, or will fear drive them apart?


This book picks up from the last chapter of the first book, Fire of the Wolf, but from Tina’s POV. Since I read these books back-to-back, I found the beginning of book 2 a little repetitive because I already knew what was going on. I would’ve enjoyed the beginning more had I waited a few weeks or so to read this one.
Anyway, the book picks up steam once Tina and Liam meet and the pack explains to her that werewolves exist. The sexual relationship starts off really quick and Tina panics afterward. She definitely makes Liam work hard to win her over (which I want and expect from a stubborn woman!).
At first, I understood and sympathized with Tina’s internal conflict and the pain/guilt she carried inside over her fiance’s death, but she carried it for too long. She kept giving Liam mixed signals. Liam has emotional problems, too, but he was much more open about his past than Tina was. Liam was a great character but I couldn’t connect well with Tina after a while. I tried to understand her problems and why she acted the way she did but, half way through the book, I couldn’t make excuses anymore for her childish actions/responses to everything Liam did and said. She wouldn’t open up and talk to the man she obviously loved and who loved her.
The sex scenes were great, detailed, and downright sexy. Most of the characters kept me intrigued and I love the scenes with all the pack members. Those men are crazy, super hot and I sooo want to take one or two of those wolves home with me!
There were a few editing and spelling problems but not as many that were in the first book. I definitely noticed an improvement. Thank you author/editor/proofreader.
Anyway, I recommend this book for anyone who loves angsty paranormal romance books.
4 Stars.

Disclaimer - I won this ebook, as well as the whole series (up to book 5), in a contest/giveaway. Thank you, Lori King, for this wonderful set. I am not paid or compensated for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason. 

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