Sunday, August 25, 2013

Snippet from 'A Hero's Heart'

Here's an unedited snippet from my latest novella, A Hero's Heart, published by BTGN!

Marissa wrapped her arms around her stomach and stepped back. Sobs clogged her throat. She missed Joel so much but as a friend and the father of her son, not as her husband. She swallowed hard. “I married Joel for all the wrong reasons. I was just desperate, pathetically so, and chose your lookalike in place of the real thing. I hate you for that. I hate myself.” She secretly, shamefully, hoped they would find each other again someday. “Your brother deserved better. I should’ve loved him like I loved you.”

She stalked across the room and gripped the doorframe that led into a darkened hallway. Marissa felt sick to her stomach and wished she kept her big mouth shut. She buried that horrible confession deep inside her mind years ago and now it tasted bitter on her tongue.

Waiting for Jarrett to berate her for disrespecting his brother, she deserved whatever he said. She just couldn’t lie or keep things from him. Her stomach always churned when she tried. She loved him. Even though she didn’t know the man he was now, the fact that she fell head over heels for only one man in her life made Jarrett Brandt special to her.

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