Saturday, August 10, 2013

I DO NOT appreciate being stalked by strangers!!!

After work today, Greg and I went to a local Dollar General to buy cat litter. He stayed in the car while I went in. I was waiting in line with a ten pound bag in my arms and this guy in front of me says I can go before him. Then he starts talking to me and offers to hold the bag. It's not that heavy--I have to hold heavier stuff than that at work--but he keeps offering so I let him hold it. I'm totally freaking out in my head but we chitchat for a few minutes about the weather and the fact that I have cats--since I'm buying cat litter. Anyway, as I'm paying, he offers to take it to the car for me. I politely say no thanks and get the hell out of the store. I tell my husband that he's not staying in the car ever again.

It gets worse.

The man leaves the stores, goes to a gas station nearby and so do we. Greg pumps the gas while the stranger pumps his. He's done pumping before we are and he just sits in his jeep, waiting for us to leave. We go and he then he decides to leave. I swear, it may just be paranoia but he followed us for over 10 minutes as we headed home. (It was raining and he didn't even have his lights on-very suspicious even if I wasn't already on high alert.) I drove past our house a few minutes and stopped at another gas station (no way in hell would I let this person know where we live). He kept driving. Then I turned around and we went home.

Next time, if someone persistently offers to hold a bag of cat litter for me, I'll just say that my husband lifts weights and he's a cop. And that he's waiting for me outside with his gun and badge. Or better yet, I'll just say FUCK YOU and hold the damn bag myself. It's not worth getting raped and killed over.


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