Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo Copyright Issues

I've been doing research on copyrighted images and I'm so confused.

Apparently, Pinterest and Google Images (among others) should not be used for blogs or posts (even on FB) because of copyright issues. So all the pictures we see of hot men without shirts, scenery or fruity drinks could be copyrighted and all of us could be sued (yes, I'm paranoid). Granted, it's very common to posts pics like that here on FB (and unlikely we'll get a take down notice) but it's much more possible if you post that stuff on your blog.

I've looked a public domain and royalty-free photo sites but the pictures there are horrible and I can't use them.

Can someone please explain the rules/laws to me in plain English and hopefully put my mind at ease? All the legal speak I found is confusing.

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