Monday, November 19, 2018

Character Interview - Meet Gillian from "Becker Circle," a novel by Addison Brae

Hey, I’m not perfect.

Meet Gillian and her imperfect fresh start in Becker Circle. New degree. Dream CPA job. There’s so much she wants to experience and a giant past to forget, including her ex boyfriend’s control and hot temper. He never thought she’d leave.

Gillian’s starting over in Dallas with her own apartment in Becker Circle, the “it” area to live. After a week, boredom motivates her to go to a bar alone. “New Girl” must be stamped across her forehead because every guy in the George & Dragon hits on her like she’s a contestant on The Bachelor. But she refuses to repeat the past.

What do you do?
Gillian: I’m an accountant studying to take the CPA exams. I got a second job I never imagined an accountant would have—tending bar at Becker Circle’s neighborhood pub—to help prove to myself and everyone who doubts that I can make it on my own.

Are you happy with where you are now?
Gillian: I worked hard to graduate Harvard early. I’d be happy anywhere but Sugar Creek, my hometown, or Boston after Mom’s death and then losing Dad to the bottle. Then there’s what Charles did on my last birthday. Boston’s not big enough for both of us, even though I miss Lauren like crazy.

What do you think about this adulting thing?
Gillian: I love being on my own. It’s hard sometimes, but lots better than being at home making excuses for my dad when he passes out every night. I learned to mix a mean Old Fashioned when I was 11 after making them for him every day after Mom got so sick. I’ll forever miss how there was always music in the house. One of the last things my mom and I did before she got so sick was go to a Queen concert. I had no idea our time together would be so short afterwards.

What are your thoughts on love?
Gillian: Sure love exists, but I haven’t found it yet. I just got out of a bad relationship and nowhere near ready to be a couple. Bringing up the memories of my starting-over-after-a-bad-relationship saga kills a conversation. If no one here knows my past, it will be easier to forget.

What would you change about yourself?
Gillian: I ask myself how someone so smart can be so stupid—especially with guys. My ex always doubted my common sense. I’m getting more street wise. I’ve screwed up, but always own up, and I never want to repeat the mistake I made getting with my ex.

About the Author 

Addison Brae lives on the edge of downtown Dallas, Texas. She’s been writing since childhood and continues as an independent marketing consultant. She’s addicted to reading and enjoys jogging, sipping red wine, traveling the world, collecting interesting cocktail recipes, binge-watching TV series, vintage clothing, and hanging out with her artistic other half and their neurotic cat Lucy. Connect with Addison on her website, Tirgearr Publishing, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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