Tuesday, October 16, 2018

#BookReview – “Zane’s Redemption” by Tina Folsom


The last thing vampire bodyguard Zane wants to do is to guard a hybrid, a half-vampire, half-human, whose father wants to keep her a virgin. Known for his violent temper and callous lack of compassion, Zane’s out-of-control rage, born of the cruelty he suffered during the Holocaust, drives him to focus only on revenge. Trying to find the last of his torturers is his only goal in life.

Portia is a young hybrid with a serious dilemma: in a few weeks, her body will be set in its final vampire form. If she is to avoid having to live out her immortal life as a virgin, she must find a lover in that short time—something her father hires Zane to prevent.

The moment Portia and Zane meet, rules begin to bend, and a forbidden attraction bursts into flames hotter than the hell of Zane’s past. But that past threatens to pull them apart unless they can overcome their prejudice, forsake hate for love, and revenge for forgiveness.


In book 5 of the Scanguard Vampires series, Zane is known as the most cruelest, darkest, and private of the Scanguard vampires. His past is brutal, horrific, and turned him into a killer. After he saves a woman in a back alley, he unleashes his fury on the rapist and butchers the man, as the rapist well deserved. This gets Zane into hot water with Samson, his boss and friend at the vampire-run security company where he works, and he’s demoted for nearly exposing all of vampire-kind to the human world. Assigned to babysit a young woman with her own agenda, he never expected to meet his perfect match.
Portia is 20 years old and six weeks shy from her next birthday. She’s a hybrid vampire, and at age 21, her body will stop growing. Which means she needs to lose her virginity, or she’ll be a virgin forever, no matter how many times she has sex after she turns 21. After her father hires a bodyguard to keep Portia away from all men, she turns her eye on Zane and doesn’t fear him as most people do.
Portia and Zane’s relationship starts out slow, but they’re wonderful together. She’s mature for her age and is more than capable of taming her wild vampire lover. There’s more sexual tension in this book than actual sex scenes, and I found that refreshing. The tension and mistrust between Zane and his friends (Samson, Gabriel, Amaury, etc) definitely set up some good drama.
As with the other Scanguard books I’ve read, this one needs an edit to fix misspellings as well as misplaced commas and apostrophes (ex: nostril’s). Normally, I would knock off a star for editing issues, but I absolutely loved this story.
5 Stars

Disclaimer – I bought this book for my own enjoyment. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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