Thursday, September 27, 2018

#BookReview – ‘Three Times the Scandal’ by Madelynne Ellis


Engaged at her parent’s behest to a man she despises, Fortuna Allenthorpe abandons duty and flees into the night with notorious rakehell, Giles Dovecote. Too bad her betrothed is more interested in her impressive inheritance than her errant virtue. What’s more, he’s prepared to destroy her family to ensure he gets what he wants. 

A vocal advocate of free love, Giles isn’t looking for a wife, but Fortuna makes him want things he considers off limits. As the stakes mount, how long can he hold fast to his principles, if they mean surrendering the woman he loves to a hellish match?


This is a very sexy historical erotic romance set in 1801 London. Though it’s book 4 in the Scandalous Seductions series, it’s a standalone with characters from the previous books.
Giles Dovecote believes in women’s rights and the freedom to love and have sex with anyone a man or a woman would want. He scorns marriage due to a tragic mistake on his part years back.
Fortuna Allenthorpe longs for adventure, but her parents are forcing her into a loveless marriage to Sir Hector, a boorish man with a hidden agenda. She’s desperate and willing to do anything to get out of the engagement, even ruin her reputation. When she absconds with Giles and his two sexy friends, Lord Darleston and his twin brother Neddy, the fun really begins.
Fortuna and Giles are very likable characters. Giles and his friends quickly introduce Fortuna to a passion she never imagined possible. Though she experienced one wild coupling to another man during a Halloween celebration in the previous book, she finally grasps the whole concept of sharing partners, having wonderful sex, and learning various ways to make love.
Robert, Lord Darleston, is the mysterious, moody, quiet lover who would rather watch than participate. He’s bisexual, his desires are darker than Giles’s and Neddy’s, and he leans more toward men. I would’ve liked to know more about his past and his relationship with his horrible wife, but I understand all that will be explained in book 5 which is Darleston’s story (I sooooo want to read that one!).
Neddy Darleston is the more fun, carefree lover. He casually goes from woman to woman, and he becomes Fortuna’s friend and confidante throughout her wild week with the sinful trio.
Giles doesn’t mind sharing to a degree, but his free-thinking ways are put to the test when his emotions get involved. His steadfast beliefs cause a major conflict in the story. After a while, Giles’s stubbornness became tiresome and repetitive (though in his mind he was doing the right thing, so it’s understandable).
The sexual kinks include: oral, anal penetration, spanking, multiple partners (M/F/M, F/M/M/M).
The book could use an edit to add in some missing commas and periods, and to change single quotation marks to double. The story is told in third person with properly alternating POVs between Fortuna, Giles, Lord Darleston, and Neddy. The main plot and all the sub-plots were well thought out, but sometimes the narrative was a little hard to follow. Still, I really enjoyed the book and want to read more in the series.
4 Stars

Disclaimer – I downloaded this book from Amazon and volunteered to review it. I am not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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