Friday, September 7, 2018

#BookReview – ‘Sought by the Alphas’ by Carina Wilder


When a young woman finds herself thrust into another life and time, a new world begins to unfold in ways which she could never have imagined.

As her destiny reveals itself, Gwynne begins to adapt to her astonishing new circumstances and all that they hold. But she quickly realizes that this life will be one filled with danger, passion and conflict, complete with two gorgeous men who are a mix of passion and strength.

And she wouldn't trade this life for anything.

This is the complete bestselling Sought by the Alphas saga, five books compiled into one Boxed Set for the first time.


This book is a five-part serial and is book one in the Alpha Seekers series.
Gwynne goes to her mother’s homeland of Cornwall, England in her quest for answers and finds a startling portrait in a pub. The woman in the painting, the lady Gwendolyn, looks exactly like Gwynne. After she learns the local legend about the lady, a gorgeous man saves her life at the ruins of an old castle. Lachlan turns out to be a wolf shifter, and he knows more about Gwynne, her past and future, than he lets on. Though he gives Gwynne very little information and skirts around her questions, she decides to follow him through a time portal where she has to mate with him and another stranger in order to save the men’s pack.
Lachlan and his cousin Rauth are co-alphas of their dire wolf pack, and they’ve been waiting a long time for their mate’s return. Lachlan loves her and has forsaken other women while in wait for her, but Rauth sleeps around and sees his future mate as a means to an end. Once Gwynne finally arrives in 1348, the men are ready to impregnate her, needing children from the union in order to secure the pack’s future.
I liked Gwynne for the most part, but I don’t understand why she never demanded answers from her mates or why she let them lie and withhold information from her. Other than that, she was a strong, capable woman who adjusted to time travel and living with shifters very easily.
Though Lachlan kept Gwynne in the dark about various facts, he’s still a kind and respectable man. Rauth, however, is arrogant, sexist, and rarely seemed to think about Gwynne as more than a tool he needed to use. Despite both men’s lies and Rauth not caring about Gwynne, she continued to sleep with them because the sex was incredible.
I was confused about how Gwendolyn/Gwynne could be the same person. Gwendolyn lived, fell in love with Lachlan, and then died in the 1300s. Gwynne’s supposed mother (who is supposed to be pg with Gwynne) traveled from the 1300s to 1990, raised Gwynee for ten years, and then abandoned her. How can Gwendolyn/Gwynne be in two places at once, living two different lives, since they’re supposed to be the same person, not two people?
Since Gwendolyn is dead in the 1300s, the men have been waiting for years for Gwynne to arrive at the ruins of Dundurn Castle sometime in the future. How long did they wait?
As for the writing style, it’s written in third person and the POV jumps between several characters. Some words are spelled in British English, others in American English. There are some grammar typos which were a little distracting.
Overall, I enjoyed the shifter wars, the erotic sex scenes, and most of the secondary characters, especially Freya and Ygrena. Gwynne’s children were pretty awesome too. The villain was appropriately evil and served well as the antagonist.
3 Stars

Disclaimer – I downloaded this book from Bookfunnel and volunteered to review it. I am not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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