Thursday, May 31, 2018

Review – ‘Color Me Wicked’ by Nina Bangs


Amanda Harcourt had one scorching night of incredible sex with Conleth Maguire on a Galveston, Texas beach ten years ago. Then she’d left Con for a career in New York City. She’s back in Galveston now as the interior designer for the weird and wacky Castle of Dark Dreams, a theme park attraction. Old memories surface when she finds out that Con has been hired to paint the castle. Because no matter what she tries to tell herself, she’s never forgotten him or the rose tattoo on his hip.

Con remembers everything about Mandy, including the blue butterfly tattoo on her round little behind. And now that she’s back, he’s determined to make her realize what she abandoned so many years ago. Namely, him.

He wants to paint the castle in darkly erotic colors. She’s into understated elegance. But they agree on one thing. Even grumpy wizards, telepathic cats, and voyeur plants won’t stop them from finishing what began on that beach.


This is a novella/prequel to the Castle of Dark Dreams series.
Amanda and Conleth are mentioned in book 1 as the interior designer and the painter, respectively, of the castle, and they turned out to be Sparkle’s first victims. Errr… the lucky chosen ones Sparkle decided to help in sexy, naughty ways. Mandy and Con are fighting their attraction to each other every step of the way, however, and Sparkle has her work cut out for her.
Since the book is a prequel, we get to see the castle in the newly named Live the Fantasy theme park before it became the darkly sensual Castle of Dark Dreams. Holgarth is as snarky as ever in his wizard outfit, and Sparkle’s in charge of the candy store. The best part? Deimos is still there, but his personality is different. Though he’s still shy and doesn’t care much about sexual chaos to Sparkle’s chagrin, he’s surprisingly halfway interested in sex, he wants to destroy things, and he’s not really interested in action hero stuff—which is a big difference to his character in the other books.
It’s a fun story, but there wasn’t a villain or a complex storyline. However, it was interesting to learn how the castle’s paint job, design, and decorations came to be. I liked the story, but it’s not needed to understand the full-length books in the series.
3 Stars

Disclaimer – I downloaded this book from Amazon and volunteered to review it. I am not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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