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Release Day - 'Christmas Surprise on MacLean Mountain' by Randi Alexander #Giveaway


Doctor Booker MacLean is shocked when his estranged wife calls and asks to talk to him in person. Is Sybil back to finally ask for a divorce? Three days before Christmas? He hardens himself for the blow that’s sure to come.

Sybil MacLean has been gone from MacLean Mountain and from her husband for seven long months, and now she’s back to admit that leaving was a terrible mistake. She has a secret, but won’t share it with Booker unless he forgives her and takes her back first.

As a powerful blizzard moves into the Colorado Rockies and Sybil and Booker are stranded together atop MacLean Mountain, will his fierce pride and her need for his understanding keep them from spending Christmas with the one they love most?


Sybil kicked off her non-skid-soled winter boots and glanced around. It looked exactly the same. The pine floors and big, thick rugs, heavy trim around the windows and on the high ceilings, and the overstuffed rustic furniture they’d picked out together. Was that just a year and a half ago? Walking past the huge stone fireplace, she stepped into her kitchen. Tall moss-green cabinets and stainless appliances, neat as a surgery suite, and not a thing moved from when she’d been here. Even the pictures and coupons held on the refrigerator by magnets were the same.

Booker came in carrying her bags and she walked through the living room to the small powder room and closed the door. In the mirror, her reflection showed a mess of snarled hair and pink cheeks, but she felt revitalized. How many times had she dreamed of being here with Booker again? Sybil found her hairbrush in the same drawer she’d left it in seven months ago. That was a good sign. He hadn’t packed up all her things and stored them in the barn. Or burned them in a fire aimed at cleansing his life of her.

She would take this opportunity to prove to Booker she really did trust him, and wanted to make their marriage work. Brushing her hair, she said a small prayer, just needing to know she had some divine backup for her plan.

When she stepped into the living room, she spotted him sitting on his heels, his feet in the gray wool socks he wore in the winter, putting logs into the fireplace onto an already-burning fire.

“That was fast.” She sidled up to him, holding out her hands to warm them.

He stood and turned to face her, his silvery eyes catching the glow of the flames.

Looking up at him, she wanted so badly to put her hands on his chest, let him pull her into his arms, pick her up and carry her to the soft couch the way they always had. Snuggle together and make love, nap and start all over again, all night long.

That wasn’t what was going to happen now. She dropped her hands to her sides. “I guess now is the time to talk.”

“Uh huh.” He gestured toward the two light-brown leather chairs on one side of the couch. “Can I get you something to eat? Some water or tea?”

The offer shocked her out of her cozy mood. He was treating her like a guest, not like the woman of the house. “Just water, please.” If that was how he wanted to do this, she’d accommodate him. Walking to the chairs, she sat and tucked her legs up under her, waiting for him to serve her.

It took him a second to get moving, and he brought back two glasses of water. He’d used the hand-blown glasses they’d gotten from his uncle for their wedding. Lord, the memories in this place. How had she ever found the fortitude to leave her home? And how would she be able to leave again if he didn’t come around to her point of view and let her stay?

“Why didn’t you tell me, Sybil?” He sat, his eyes showing his concern.

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander knows a modern woman dreams of an alpha cowboy who takes the reins, and guarantees they’re rode hard and put up satisfied.

Published with Cleis Press, Wild Rose Press, and self-published, Randi writes smokin' hot romance with heroes who'll have you begging to ride off into the sunset with them. When she's not dreaming of, or writing about, rugged cowboys, Randi is biking trails along remote rivers, snorkeling the Gulf of Mexico, or practicing her drumming in hopes of someday forming a tropical rock-band.

Forever an adventurous spirit with a naughty imagination, Randi is also family oriented and married to the best guy in the world, her own cowboy, Kick. Give in to the allure of erotic passion, strong but vulnerable heroines, and irresistibly seductive cowboys, as Randi's emotional love stories sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless with passion.

Saddle up! And prepare yourself for the sexier side of happily ever after.

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