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Promo Post - 'Forever Winter' by Amber Daulton

Publisher: Books to Go Now
Release Date: March 26th, 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 15k
Heat Rating: Sweet


Viscount Camden Beckinworth had lived the life of a devil-may-care rake until his parents’ untimely death. He cast aside his personal life, returned home to save the crumbling family business and decided to re-enter Society five years later. By then, the pesky little sister of his two best childhood friends had grown into a lovely woman and he felt alive again with her innocence and beauty in hand.

After two disastrous London seasons, Susanna Lorican accepted a marriage proposal from a neighborhood friend and, while she had adored him since childhood, she never expected the man of her dreams to reciprocate her feelings. She planned the perfect Christmas Eve wedding but never expected a snowstorm to barrel through the English countryside on the morning of.

Susanna and Camden vowed to let nothing thwart their long-awaited day even though the storm delayed the dress and several guests. When the reverend fell from his horse and injured his head, however, they had little choice but to postpone. To worsen matters, Susanna’s insufferable brother-in-law cornered and then assaulted her in the library. 

Does social peril and uncontrollable weather keep the lovebirds from the altar or do they find their happily ever after in the midst of a disastrous wedding day? 


Camden drew her into his arms and brushed his lips across her hairline. “I make my own luck.” He blew softly in her ear. She shivered in response. “We control our destiny, Susanna, no one else. Besides, you have nothing to worry about. The one activity we shared truly worth gossiping about will never reach the light of day.”
Her face flamed even hotter. Air escaped her lungs in short, choppy gasps as she remembered the way he touched and fondled her for hours. That wonderful activity made her feel as if she was the most cherished woman in the entire world. She despised double standards, as did Camden, but because her good name and reputation needed to remain protected in all areas, especially in high society gossip circles, they refused to make love again until their wedding night.
But now, with her wedding possibly postponed, she glanced at the open doorway one last time and pushed it from her mind. She embraced Camden with all her strength. She was so tired of denying the wondrous craving that pooled in her stomach when he was near. Kissing him as if her life depended on it, she felt his breath entered her mouth and traveled deep into her lungs. She tasted his strong, rich essence and nearly melted. Trailing her hands up the back of his neck, she pulled free the ribbon pinning his long hair respectably to his nape and buried her hands in the dark silk. His embrace soothed the anger, worry and misery burning inside her.
Camden responded with equal fervor. He clasped the narrow dip of her waist and massaged firm flesh sheathed beneath layers of restricting peach-patterned fabric. He growled low in his throat and bent at the knees to reach the lacy hem of her day dress. Lifting several layers of skirt to grasp her thigh, he silenced her shocked moan by deepening the kiss. Her warm skin flared hot beneath his exploration. He trailed his hand higher until Susanna finally broke free from their intense kiss and twisted free of his smoldering embrace.
She stumbled back and braced herself against the sofa. She felt deliciously exposed and wanton beneath his yearning gaze. Breathing heavily, blushing scarlet, Susanna scowled at her fiancĂ© but couldn’t find the desire to reprimand him. He rarely touched her like that. She loved when he did. With any luck, after tonight, they wouldn’t have to restrain themselves any more.

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