Monday, April 11, 2016

Author Interview - Sandra Hennig

I'd like to welcome, Sandra Hennig, to my blog today for an Author Interview. 

Tell us about your latest release. 
--- My latest release is Leave No Crumb Unturned.

What kind of research did you do? 
--- I did a lot of research on the City of Paris and the layout of the tunnels under it which are a combo of mining tunnels and Catacombs.

What process did you use to pick your characters’ names? 
--- It’s always hard to pick a name. You want one that sounds like a real person. I guess I already had the name in mind.

Are your characters based on anyone you know? 
--- No they are fictional.

Did any of your characters sometime take over and write the book themselves? 
---Who? The lead character some times did but not too much. I had an idea on how I wanted her to develop in the story.

What do you prefer: ebook or print? Why? 
--- I prefer a printed copy. I am on the computer a lot during the day so when I read I like to unplug.

How long have you been writing? When did you decide to become an author
--- I have been writing for about three years. I guess that makes me an author at the point I started writing.

What did you do when you received your first Acceptance Letter? 
--- Cheered!

All writers suffer from writer’s block at least once in their career. What’s your go-to cure? 
--- Keep writing something. You might edit it out later but it will help you get going again.

Sometimes the romance genre gets a bad reputation for being cliché and full of Fabios. How do you respond to that? 
--- I don’t right romance and what there is of it in the book is grounded.

We all need a little inspiration in our lives. What’s your favorite quote and why? 
--- “Stop wearing your wishbone where your back bone ought to be.”  It means stop dreaming and do it. Most people done they just talk about things but never have the guts to try them.

Any advice for the aspiring authors out there? Particularly those who are feeling a little discouraged
--- Keep working at it. As friends and family for their option on your writing and what could be changed or added.

What is your favorite book and author? 
--- There are many. One is Gone With the Wind.  I really don’t have a favorite author.

Where can we find your books? 
--- On

How do you market your books? 
--- I use twitter, facebook, and other marketing channels.

Besides writing and reading what are some of your other hobbies? 
--- I enjoy traveling and working with horse rescues.

What’s your most bizarre life experience? 
--- My husband and I were visiting a friend in South Germany near Neuschwanstein castle in the middle of winter. The county side was covered in snow. The friend took us to a barn that house an old circus camel. While taking a photo of it, it reached out and bit me.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Sandra. 
Readers, if you're interested in 'Leave No Crumb Unturned', keep on reading... 


Nineteen year old Alex Turner loves food in fact she has made a successful business out of blogging about it. During her first visit to Paris to blog about the cuisine, she discovers a key in her omelette au fromage. This is upsetting to say the least and the cafe will defiantly not go on her blog!

While doing the typical touristy thing of site seeing and shopping she suspects she is being followed. She escapes her pursuers with the help of a Cataphile, Celeste Marchal, who leads her into the catacombs under the city of light. There she is introduced to Josh a cute financier, or so he says and fellow Cataphile. Romance buds between Josh and Alex, but is marred by the murder of a friend who warns her to trust no one. 

Discovering the true purpose of key is worth killing for Alex is thrown into an unexpected adventure as she follows clues which lead to a secretive group, Brotherhood of Luxor. She must solve mystery of the key before she becomes the next victim.

Author Bio

Sandra Hennig is the daughter of two foreign service officers and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. She enjoys reading mysteries, historic novels and chic lit.
And lives in the deep south with her husband and a large collection of rescue animals.

Twitter: @wetinkbooks
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