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Blog Tour - 'Moonlit Feathers' from the Woodland Creek series by Sarah Makela *Giveaway*

Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

After faced with crippling loss, a heartbroken raven must find her wings again...

Treasure hunters are trained to find things, but all Morgana has known is loss. When someone she loves dies because she can’t protect them, she shies away from the world, too afraid to let anyone else get close. That won’t last long because ravens aren’t ones to pass up on shiny things.

Cody has never really felt accepted. He’s a coyote shifter of Native American heritage, but he gets his looks from his Scandinavian mother, unlike his siblings and the rest of his people. That makes him all the more dedicated when what seemed like a freak tornado becomes something much scarier.

When Cody realizes that his family’s powerful talisman has slips into the wrong hands, he desperately needs help. But he never imagined he’d be fall head over heels for the beautiful, if not, mysterious treasure hunter. Morgana will need to let go of being hurt again if they have any hope of saving not only each other, but also the small town that they both love from disaster.


After last night's crazy discovery, I'd soaked in my garden tub for hours to relieve my sore muscles. But that didn't stop my raven from wanting to go for our typical early-evening flight over the forest. It was our version of exercise, more effective than jogging or push-ups.
We started our descent toward home as Nightmoon Creek came into view. I dove a little lower to the ground, but no one appeared to be nearby. I lightly touched down on my rooftop, taking a moment to shed my raven form. Sighing, I glanced between the creek and the forest with its colorful autumn leaves. The sight was absolutely breathtaking. If I hadn't been naked, I would've sat up there for hours.
I lived out in the sticks because I didn't like being too near other people. My instincts screamed at me to keep my distance and let no one close enough to hurt me when they eventually left—either because they found out just how messed up I was, or worse, because those around me had a bad habit of dying. I'd lost so many loved ones already, and I was barely twenty-one years old.
My childhood was littered with death and betrayal, and I'd been bounced around from one foster home to another. Regardless of what Kevin said, at times I did feel cursed, as if my hardships weren't just bad luck. Was I the cause of all the pain? Being a shifter made me so different from everyone else that I didn't doubt it.
I hopped down from the roof and softly landed on my feet in the grass. The cool evening breeze sent shivers over my naked skin. I wasn't expecting any company, and the tree line on my property was designed with privacy in mind. No one could stumble upon my yard and see me like this, so I hadn't planned any clothes drops for quick dressing. The forecast had called for rain. Even though it hadn’t come, I kept my clothes inside. A little water on my feathers or skin wouldn't hurt.
I rounded the corner of the house only to see a man knocking on my front door. I froze in place like a deer in headlights, blinking in surprise. How had I not noticed him when I was coming in to land? I'd scanned my surroundings, as I always did.
He turned toward me, and my legs kicked into high gear, propelling me back around the corner, out of sight. Modesty wasn't an issue, but I didn't flaunt my nudity when I had no idea who the person was or why they were here. It could be a human, or someone looking to hire me for a job. Granted, the latter was less likely, since I hadn't told anyone in town what I did, and none of my clients knew where I lived. This was supposed to be my sanctuary. The little piece of paradise I had in the world, aside from the sky.
"Sorry, miss. Didn't mean to come by unannounced, but I heard you could probably help me. Something of mine has been...lost. I need it found." He let out a sharp hiss of a sigh, but even though he came a little closer, he didn't turn the corner to face me.
I leaned against the building, closing my eyes for a brief moment. Damn it. This intrusion on my home turf bothered me. How had this man found me? I should probably listen to him and see what he wanted, although I really hated that he'd broken my place of refuge. But I'd have plenty of time to rage about that later. First, I needed to find something to cover up with if I was going to talk with him. Money wasn't good for me right now, and I aimed to be professional with potential clients. No matter what.
"Give me a moment, then I'll be able to talk with you further." I glanced around the corner at him, peeking out just my head and neck. He stood at average height, and his broad, muscular shoulders tapered into a narrow waist that made me think of a professional swimmer's physique. My mouth went dry as I wondered what his chest looked like.
He peeled off his jacket while I watched him. "You can borrow my coat." His biceps flexed as he held it out for me. I started to protest, but he tossed it on the grass and turned around. "I insist."
I leaned down and grabbed the leather jacket, keeping an eye on his back as I reached for it. For a guy as lean as he was, I thought the jacket might not cover me, but it did. It hung just to my upper thigh, showing lots of leg, but it could've been worse. I zipped it up and stepped around the corner.
He kept his gaze straight ahead, as if unsure whether to turn around. Although from the stiffening of his shoulders, I knew he could hear me approach. I still walked a little louder than I normally would.
The jacket rode up a little in the back, showing more skin than I wanted, and I tugged it down before I walked past to face him. "Hi."

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sarah Mäkelä loves her fiction dark, magical, and passionate. She is a paranormal romance author and a life-long paranormal fan who still sleeps with a night light. In her spare time, she reads sexy books, watches scary movies, and plays computer games with her husband. When she gets the chance, she loves traveling the world too.

Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.
One Epic Release Day.

The Woodland Creek Series is an innovative and collaborative collection of Shifter stories set in one town, each with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

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