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Cover Reveal - 'A Heart for William' by Kim Black




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Judith Thomas never thought she would get married. Being one of the only single women in her town, she has all but lost hope of having a family of her own. When she came across an advertisement published in the newspaper for a mail order bride, she felt as if this could be her last chance.
William Henry wasn’t the best looking man. The eldest of four brothers, he was the least desirable of the lot. Though he had been successful in business, taking over his father’s logging company, he found that his life is one filled with loneliness and he wants nothing more than to find someone to love and to be loved by. A chance to step out of the shadow of his older brothers.
They’d both hope for friendship, but prayed for something much more.
When there is an attempt to steal Judith away from William, their relationship will be put to the test. Can their relationship develop into one of passion and true or would it all have been a mistake?



William couldn’t believe how amazing Judith looked at the train station. The photo she’d sent him last month hadn’t done her justice. She was a dream.
When he first noticed her, he took a moment to really take all of her in. Her green dress did nothing to hide her beautiful soft curves. Her ample bosom and hips that would one day bare his children made it so that his body responded immediately.
Feeling self-conscience, he’d stood there and watched her hips gave a light sway as she made her way to the train worker. After a while, he cooled his nerves and decided it was time to approach her.
He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t run away from him when he first introduced himself and was more than happy that she was still intending on marrying him. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to look at her directly. He knew that if he did then surely his knees would buckle and that was not an option.
Feeling completely foolish for not being able to face her, he tried to think of what to say to her while they were heading to his town.
Just say something to her, don’t just sit here mute.
The ongoing battle went on in his head for the entire first half of the hour before he finally decided to ask her if she wanted to go to the church or to their home. When she misunderstood his question, he felt embarrassed and tried to make her understand his intentions by placing his hand on hers.
Her soft skin immediately made his body react and though he didn’t want to let go of her hand, he knew that it was the only way to calm his urge to be with her.
Just don’t look down, he thought to himself. Please, whatever you do Judith… Just don’t look down.
The last thing he wanted was to scare her off. He had scared off enough women in his life and he didn’t want for her to be one of them.
When he neared the church, he stopped the buggy and hurried over to her so that he could help her down. “I didn’t get a chance to let the minister know we were coming, but I’m sure he will be happy to marry us today.”
His stomach danced with butterflies as they walked to the chapel. He knew that he should probably walk beside her, but figured he would get a better view behind her.
He admired her curves and though he couldn’t see her body, he knew that she would look amazing when they consummated their marriage. He pushed his inappropriate thoughts aside, knowing that it would only cause his body to react to her more. He had to stay calm and to focus on getting through the ceremony.
He was startled when he realized that she had stopped walking. “What’s wrong?” he asked, alarmed.
She turned to face him and he instinctively looked to the ground. Great, she’s going to change her mind about the wedding. I should have known.
He braced himself for what he knew was coming and hoped that he would bow out gracefully. He couldn’t very well grovel for her to stay with him, even though he desperately wanted her to. He had to stay strong.
“We can’t do this,” she declared and William’s heart thudded loudly against his chest. His greatest fear was actualizing before his eyes and felt the heavy weight of his failure heavy on his shoulders.
Judith shifted from one leg to another and William knew she was afraid to hurt his feelings, which only made him feel worse. “We can’t get married if you can’t manage to look at me. I know that this is not a traditional marriage, but how can we be married if you won’t even look me in the eyes?” she asked, her voice heavy with hurt and anger.
Stunned, William blinked a few times before clearing his throat. He couldn’t believe she was still willing to marry him even though he apparently offended her.
Slowly, he lifted his gaze from the ground until his eyes finally met hers and God help him, he instantly fell in love. Her big green eyes were filled with warmth and not the anger he expected. His heart melted. How could he have avoided her this long?
“I’m sorry, Judith. This is new to me. I didn’t mean to offend you,” he said while trying very hard to remember why he felt he couldn’t look at her before.
It’s silly of me to behave this way. I’m over thirty years old. Why am I acting like a little schoolboy?
Without saying another word, Judith resumed walking. When William didn’t fall into step behind her, she turned slightly and said, “Well, are we getting married or what?”
Her smile assured him that she was being playful and he appreciated her humor and quickly followed her to the church.
“Are you nervous?” Although he was relieved that she was still going to marry him, his stomach was still tied in nervous knots. He wondered what she was feeling. Were the same flutters happening in her stomach as well?
“Maybe a little… But, it helps that you can look at me now,” she teased. Pleased once again with her sense of humor, he smiled.
When they reached the church, he opened the door for her and followed her into the small white church.
Here goes nothing…

Kim Black 375
International Amazon Bestselling Author Kim Black is a born and raised New Yorker. She is engaged to a wonderful man and loves spending time at home with her family. She currently resides in Bronx, NY, but is a true Brooklyn girl. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn…
From the time Kim picked up her first book at her middle school library, she fell in love with the feeling of getting lost in another world. Book became her escape and she dove head first into the many books she loved with joy. She strives to provide that same feeling for her readers.
In 2011, she introduced to the world of erotic romance and fell in love with the genre, reading any and everything she could get her hands on. By the following year, she decided to take a chance at self-publishing an erotic romance series and thankfully she has been fortunate enough to have gained a fan base, though she still finds it unbelievable.
While Kim Black may be known for her angst and suspenseful, sexy romances, she is working on branching out into other romance genres.
Kim holds a Degree in Graphic Design and Animation and is the CEO of a new publishing services company, TOJ Publishing Services, where she provides authors with custom graphics, marketing and promotional services.
She is also a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a part of two of their chapters: RWA-NYC and KOD-RWA. ♥
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