Monday, August 17, 2015

Blog Tour - 'Forever Blissful' by Jessa Eden

Stand Alone Book with HEA-Box Set of Forever Branded and Forever Beloved

A woman can stay with you forever.
No matter how far away you flee.
No matter how much time passes.
Marla Matthews stayed in my bones, day and night, branded on my soul.
I loved her beyond anything I thought possible.
Even after she broke my heart.
So why would you care?
Because that’s not the end of the story.
Not even close.
What you’re about to read is a gritty tale of reclaimed love.
It isn’t pretty.
It isn’t nice.
It’s raw and messy as fate gives us one last shot to get it right.
You up for that?
Then hold the fuck on...
~Beau Shepard

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“Did you have a good time tonight, Marla?” Beau asked with a delicious smirk.
“Watching you beat the crap out of another man?” I asked coolly, trying to pretend I didn’t find it hot.
“It was a good fight.”
"I would agree.”
“So you had a good time?” he pressed.
“I don’t know if I had a good time, but it was definitely interesting to watch you fight. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you take someone down.”
“Yeah, it has been a long time. You’ve missed a lot.”
“I know I have. That was quite the show you put on, Beau. Why don’t you tell me why I’m really here tonight?” I asked, pointing to my outfit.
He ran his finger across my knee. “I’ve always liked you in red.”
“I didn’t think you liked much about me, Beau.”
He let out a biting laugh. “Let’s focus on the positive. You’ve been a bad girl.”
“Oh? How have I been bad?” I uncrossed my legs, turned on by his words.
His blue eyes flickered with heat as he shot me a wolfish grin. “You distracted me during my fight.” He reached down, took my foot out of my black Jimmy Choo, and put it in his lap. “What were you thinking about when you rushed up to the cage?” His strong fingers massaged the pad of my foot.
I held in a groan. “Just remembering some times in high school.”
“Me too. God, it used to be so sweet to be inside you,” he admitted unexpectedly.
I tried to react calmly, but my chest heaved in excitement. “Why are telling me that?” I asked breathlessly.
“Because I want to make a deal with you.”
My cheeks flushed pink. “What kind of deal?”
“The kind that will make us both happy. But there are certain things I want from you.” His hand stroked my foot and then hovered above my leg, the warmth of his skin radiating inches from my flesh.
I’d been with other men since Beau. But the passion I’d experienced with him had never been replicated with any of them. He had ruined me.
“What kind of deal are you talking about?” I asked, swallowing down my desire.
“The kind that lets me have you whenever I want you.”


Author Bio:

Over the last couple of years, writing has become a passion of mine. I pour my heart into each one of my stories, letting my characters go wherever they dare to venture. They often surprise and amuse me. I revel in exploring the human condition through the art of storytelling. 
Nothing gives me more pleasure than drawing you into a world of emotional connection, compelling characters and hopeful adventure, complete with sizzle and sensuality. My goal is to leave you breathless and panting for more... 

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