Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review - 'The Spirit Path' by Tammy Tate


Nicole goes horseback riding with her faithful gelding, Buck, and her dog, Harley. After an accident where she falls from the horse and hits her head, she wakes up in the same environment that’s totally different. There she meets Flaming Arrow, a Sioux Indian, and he takes her back to his village (well, he takes her to a romantic waterfall near the village where they stay for a few days). Even though she believes she’s dreaming that she went back in time, she falls in love with Flaming Arrow. After a second accident, she wakes back up in the present day.
Some reviewers on here complained that Nicole fell for Flaming Arrow too fast—they had sex too soon after meeting—and that she didn’t panic enough when she realized she went back in time. I would’ve agreed with that IF Nicole believed what was happening to her was real. Instead, she thought it was all a dream and she was in a coma. So, to Nicole, why not have a little fun?
This story is part one of three. The ending is a cliffhanger since Nicole and Flaming Arrow’s story continues in the next two books.
Other than a few typos and the author occasionally ‘telling’ the story instead of ‘showing’ it, I enjoyed this book and found myself engrossed in the world Nicole woke up in (the year was 1812).
I look forward to the other stories in the series.
4 Stars.

Disclaimer - Thank you, Tammy Tate, for sending me an ebook copy for an honest review. I am a reader. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason. This review is my personal opinion about the book, not about the author or shipment methods. 

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