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Review - The Bodyguard anthology by Adair, Showalter and O'Clare

I borrowed this book from my local library and my review is not paid for or compensated for in any way. 
Overall rating: 4 Stars 

Temptation on Ice – Cherry Adair

I’ve heard of Cherry before but this story is the first I’ve read by her. While a good story, I feel that the history/purpose of the T-FLAC team wasn’t as detailed as it should’ve been for a newbie reader to pick up the book. It’s evidently in the middle of a series and the books before it should be read for a better understanding.
Sebastian was a great, sexy character and I respected Micheala so much but the torture she suffered was hard to handle at times (I normally don’t mind reading about a main character who was abused but I think I just wasn’t in the mood for something depressing). I loved that wizards, magic and psychic abilities played a big part in the book.
I feel that the characters jumped in bed together too quickly but I understand their urgency so I’m able to overlook it. What I didn’t like was the second time they slept together. Being stuck inside a tiny sub tank, hidden in an ice cave with Russian and Chinese terrorists searching for the sub, along with a nuclear bomb ready to denote in a few minutes a few miles away is not a proper situation to get busy.
Overall, I enjoyed the story. I didn’t find any typos and the writing flowed beautifully. I hope to read more books in the T-FLAC series in the future.
3 Stars

Temptation in Shadows – Gena Showalter

Gena is one of my favorite authors and she’s the reason why I picked up this anthology.
The first chapter really grabbed me as we watch Sean and Gabrielle escape their kidnappers, then learn that Sean orchestrated the whole thing. I didn’t like that chapters two, three and four were flashbacks to weeks before to explain why Sean kidnapped Gabby. Luckily, chapter five picked up where the first chapter left off.
Abused and experimented on as a child, Gabby’s psychic gift is amazing but it’s horrible that she has it. Sean was abused, too, but the non-government agency he works for has helped him overcome his pain and trauma, which is what he wants to do for Gabby.
I don’t think this novella is part of a series but I hope Gena starts one. I’d love to read more about the side characters, like Rowan and Bentley, and Rose Briar sounds like a kick-ass paranormal agency.
I found a few typos which we annoying but not enough to for me to put down the book. Gena often writes in fragment sentences to better show the emotion of a character and, while that used to really bother me, I’ve gotten used to it because the plots of her stories are just so good.
4 Stars

Hunting Temptation – Lorie O’Clare

Lorie is another new author for me and I really liked her werewolf story. I’m more a vampire type of gal, so I don’t read wolf stories often, but I’m glad I picked this one up.
An evil rogue werewolf is released from prison and killing people. Seth is a bounty hunter and relies on Jeremy, a mysterious man who baffles him, for help in some of his tougher cases.  Sparks fly when Seth meets Jeremy’s younger sister, Jenna, and then he’s drawn into the dangerous world of the werewolves.
An interesting twist of wolf lure, I really liked how the werewolves’ eyes turned silver instead of the normal gold as I’ve read about before and seen in movies.
There were more typos in this story than I usually find acceptable. I don’t know why the author or editor didn’t catch words like ‘gave’ when it should be ‘give’ or a few words missing altogether in the sentence. I continued to read it because I was totally engrossed in the characters and I want to read more in Lorie’s werewolf series in the future.
3.5 Stars

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