Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog Tour/Review - One Lucky Night

Thank you, Aria Kane, for giving me an ARC, ecopy of One Lucky Night, for an honest review.
First of all, I love how all five of these stories are connected. All five couples find love on the same night, at the same place. Events from one story will coincide with events in another. At times, the reader will get to see the same event through multiple view points throughout each story. It made for a very entertaining read.
Also, I loved that the old man with the white beard, gray three-piece suit and green tie appeared in all the stories. His sage advice helped all the couples and, although this anthology isn't a paranormal story in the least, I liked how he magically vanished only to reappear, and then vanish again later. He was like an Irish love spirit sent to Earth to bring people together. It was very romantic.
Although there were typos and grammatically-incorrect sentences (mostly in story 5 that I could tell), it didn’t take away from the book. I just hope that the editors will fix the problems during revisions and final edits.

Lucky Break by Aria Kane

Andrea Rivera and Derek Chase have a shared past of romance and heartache. I admired both characters (especially her strong-willed personality and his innate nature to protect no matter what) even though their actions stopped them from being together for four years. They finally reconnect over a broken dishwasher that wasn’t even broken. The sparks fly and the claws shred light into why their romance failed.
This was a beautiful story of second chances, the importance of honesty and the fact that tragedy can either bring people closer together or tear them apart.
4 Stars.

Lucky Star by Grace Teague

Charlotte Price and Tommy Leung are best friends and he’s the one she calls after a frightening encounter with a mugger. She reevaluates her whole life and realizes that her biggest regret if she had died was that Tommy didn’t know that she was in love with him. She set out to tell him but one disaster after another stopped her, until everything blows up in her face.
I really liked Charlotte and Tommy’s banter and their very close yet platonic friendship. The POV is entirely Charlotte’s and she puts Tommy on a pedestal (and downplays herself) which kinda annoyed me after a while. Anyway, I won’t give away the ending (ie: Tommy’s reaction to her admission once she finally tells him) but there is a HEA.
3 Stars.

A New Tune by Ana Blaze

Holly Hall and Cian O’Neill have spent the past few months flirting but now she avoids him like the plague after a surprise kiss on New Year’s Eve. She’s a waitress at the bar, he’s a musician who performs at the bar, so they constantly see each other. She’s dealing with a fair share of embarrassment and heartache from past mistakes and she refuses to let him close. Cian is determined to break through her walls with soulful, romantic songs. I admire his tenacity and the fact that he never gives up on Holly even though she has given him countless reasons to do so.
Their romance is slow to build but once it does… wow, it’s sizzling. I love stories with musicians, especially honorable musicians like Cian who doesn’t sleep with every hot girl who bats her eyelashes at him. It was very refreshing.
4 Stars.

Lexi’s Chance by Constance Phillips

Sean Whelan is one of the brothers who owns and operates The Brazen Head. He’s sexy, confident and a total flirt. Lexi Mattson runs a homeless shelter and, because of past trauma, she takes her job far too seriously. She’s wary of falling for Sean because he flirts with most of the women in the bar but she soon realizes that he’s more than he seems.
Sean is my favorite hero of the series. I think the other men’s personal trauma was worst than his but Sean’s sincerity and sexy actions regarding Lexi pulled me in like a moth to the flame.
4 Stars.

Drink or Dare by Melinda Dozier

Killian Whelan and Rachel Robertson have an academic rivalry. They both want to be the best so much that they have overlooked a potential romance for months, until Rachel walks into Killian’s family pub and sees him in a kilt. Killian lost a bet with his brother, Sean, and has to wear the sexy Irish kilt all night. Her friends instantly see their attraction to one another and set out to force them together through a series of flirtatious dares.
It was fun to watch Rachel break free of her demure, shy demeanor and take a chance. Killian has a huge crush on Rachel and finally expressed his feeling for her through teasing banter. Their romance plays throughout the whole story for a hot climax at the end.

4 Stars. 

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