Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Movie Review - Rock of Ages!

Greggie and I just finished watching Rock of Ages. Wow. I don't really know what to say. 

At first, we kept laughing at how stupid it was and that we couldn't believe we actually rented this from Netflix. After a while, we shut up and watched the movie. We knew there would be a lot of music but we didn't know it was a musical.

There wasn't much dialogue. Everything was said by song. Emotions and scenes were carried out all through lyrics. It was pretty weird.

We ended up giving it 3 stars. I loved the music but I wished there would have been harder rock songs, instead of so many ballads. Still, it's my kind of music. Greg doesn't like 80s rock and was gagging through a lot of it. (He's more into 80s punk.)

The man-candy was wonderful. (And there were a lot of hot women for you men out there too!) Or course, with Tom Cruise in the film, I'll be happy. I couldn't stop swooning every time he was in a scene. I loved his long hair and all those tattoos! DAYUM! And that scene with the hot blonde reporter backstage at the club--WHOA--talk about HOT!

I really liked how Catherine Zeta-Jones played the religious nut wanting to shut the club down and destroy the amazingness that is Rock & Roll! Hello, Tipper Gore anyone?!? (I wonder how Dee Snider feels about this movie?)

Too bad there wasn't more of Bryan Cranston. He's one of Greggie's favorite actors.

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand were great as rockers and lovers! I love seeing Alec in crazy roles like this.

The younger actors made an impression too. Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta were entirely convincing as young, naive lovers taken over by the glam and glitz of Hollywood.

I'm surprised that Mary J Blige played in the film, since she's R&B singer. I loved hearing her sing songs from Journey and Whitesnake.

Anyway, I checked out the movie's Wikipedia page and was surprised none of the actors lip-synced the songs. Still, the voices were probably auto-tuned but I could be wrong.

Sebastian Bach from Skid Row (so dreamy) made cameo appearances along with other 80s legends. So cool!

The movie bombed at the Box Office but it originated from a Broadway play that I would LOVE to see. Apparently, the play is regarded highly by critics. If only I lived in New York....

If you haven't seen this movie, go for it! It's silly but lots of fun.

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