Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review - Christine Feehan's Dark Predator

Most people don't like this book because they think the hero, Zacarias, is waaay too mean and abusive to the heroine, Margarita. For anyone who's been following the series, they should know that Zac acted exactly as he's been portrayed throughout every other book he's been featured in.

Yes, he WAS rough and domineering and he definitely made mistakes in his 'courtship' but it was expected with a man suffering from severe PTSD. Yes, Margarita was a bit of a doormat but she understood the animal in Zac and acted docile like anyone would with a wild, rabid animal. She was a naturally submissive person and accepted Zacarias's bossiness because she needs to be bossed around and because he needs to do the bossing.

Also, throughout the story, she became more assertive in matters of extreme importance and he learned to ask and accept her opinion even if it differs from his. They learned to work together.

I liked how Feehan focused more on the main characters than the side characters or characters from other books which may lead to a future book. This is different than the norm.

My problems with the story is that the author repeats herself constantly, but that's to be expected in a Feehan novel. I don't mind the flowery language but there's just too much detail about the rainforest or how obsessive and dark Zac thinks he is. We get it, already. There are lots of colorful bugs in the Amazon and Zac is moody. Move on.

On top of that, the book wasn't edited well. There were little words like prepositions missing and I noticed more typos than expected from a Number 1 Bestselling Author. But, then again, most of her books in the past few years have been filled with mistakes like these. I think her schedule is so slammed and pack that she doesn't have much time to write/edit properly, and the publisher just wants the book out in the market without taking the time to nitpick every paragraph.

Feehan's earlier books were much better but, since I'm a fan of the characters, I won't stop with the series even though I cringe now and then when I read or have to reread to understand what's happening in the story because of these mistakes.

All-in-all, I give it 3 Stars because I was entertained and I've been waiting years to read about Zacarias and to learn how troubled the sexy Carpathian really was. He didn't disappointment me at all. ;)

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