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#GuestPost by Linda Nightingale

Something Writing Related: The Hallowed (and Harrowed) Pig Path to Publication

You know those people who were published the day they began marketing the book. Success was just as immediate. These lucky souls are the envy of the writing community…and a rarity.

Not I. The road to publication was a long, harrowed journey into the farther reaches of the universe. I should have been put into crypto freeze and launched by NASA. It took me forever!

I started writing in 1992. I was only two years old, mind you. I don’t want to drop any clues about my age. My first book was The Vampyre Effect, and it grew to over 1,000 pages because I loved the hero and followed him everywhere:- parties, performances, and would have followed him to the bathroom, but my vampires don’t use the ‘facilities’. The book evolved over the years, the first ever-evolving chapter winning a contest or two. Along the way, this mammoth masterpiece became Sinners’ Opera, which was finally chopped in two and published by Double Dragon Publishing. (In 2019, my rights reverted to me, and the book was re-released by The Wild Rose Press).

But my first book wasn’t my first to be released.

During this time, I bred, trained, and showed the magnificent Andalusian horse. Breed magazines published various of my articles, but my real love was fiction. A friend who was a new author with The Wild Rose Press urged me to submit a romance to them. Problem. There was only one romance in my stable of books, and it wasn’t complete—was never meant to be finished.

I found two naked parts of a short story in my computer. Like Victor Frankenstein, I sewed them together. Voila, a romance to submit.

So, my first fiction publication was Black Swan in 2009. I scraped my courage and ego off the floor (lots of rejections will do that) and sent it to an editor I’d met at a convention in San Antonio. When Callie Lynn Wolfe at The Wild Rose Press accepted Black Swan, I danced, then broke open a bottle of champagne with my recent ex, and he danced, too. (Maybe, he wasn’t such a bad ex after all.)

At the time, The Wild Rose Press accepted only romance. After Black Swan, a vampire short story by the way, I was again at a loss with my dark fantasies. Another author friend in Nebraska of all places told me Double Dragon Publishing in Canada was open for submissions. I sent a book I thought would never, ever get published to DDP. In 2 weeks, they actually sent me a contract for Gemini Rising. GR’s theme, though it’s explained at the end, is taboo to most publishers; controversial at best. DDP published the book in 2012. My first published novel! YAY! I was on my way. Move over (insert name of famous author here.)

Back to the future.

Eight books later, Callie is still my editor, and my latest release, Life for Sale, is dedicated to her for all her help and guidance over the years. Life for Sale is the second book in the Tomorrow’s Angels series. Love For Sale is the beginning of March and Christian’s tale.

Love For Sale began life as a short story and won first place from the Houston Writers Guild in that category. One day, I happened upon it in my computer, poured a glass of wine (it was after five somewhere) and began to write. Love For Sale wasn’t the easiest novel I’ve ever written, perhaps because I thought of it as a short story. After almost a year of nitpicking, I turned it into a novel, sent it to Callie, and it was published in 2015. Love is available at: and is on sale on Amazon for only 99-cents!

In the series Tomorrow’s Angels, Christian is a sentient android, indistinguishable from human—an intelligent being with emotions. March, his owner, saw a small ad in a women’s journal advertising “love for sale”. When she flew to England to Mayfair Electronics, she found her dream man, and at an extremely high price in terms of dollars-and-cents, made him hers. However, her past and his future soon endanger their happiness—indeed their lives.

March and Christian return in Life for Sale, the second in the series, available for preorder on Amazon.


Publication? My advice to new writers? When discouragement breathes down your neck, shiver. Prescription:- Promptly remember you love writing—just how much you adore that hero or heroine. Instead of letting a rejection stop you dead in your tracks, write for yourself again. The road may be harrowing but think of all the adventures you and your characters can have and kiss your Muse. You are a writer. You love your craft. Write. Persevere. Success? You’re more successful than (insert name of famous author here.)

Amber, thanks oodles for allowing me to guest on your lovely blog.

Title:        Life for Sale
Genre:        Sci-fi Romance
Publisher:    The Wild Rose Press
978-1-5092-3215-4 Paperback
978-1-5092-3216-1 Digital 
Length:    262 pages
Release Date:    August 24, 2020
Tagline:    A sentient, humanlike android and his owner race to stop an insane robot before someone else dies
Keywords:    Sci-fi Romance, murder mysteries, romantic suspense, fantasy Romance, contemporary romance, New Releases, The Wild Rose Press, sentient androids, robots, humanlike androids, Linda Nightingale, Life for Sale, Love for Sale, book series, Love For Sale sequel, Tomorrow’s Angels series.

Mayfair Electronics has created life.

But four of their Special Editions—sentient androids indistinguishable from human—have escaped. Rebel, Christian Aguillard and his owner, March, are on the run, but they have a bigger problem than his creator's plan to destroy him. They've discovered that one of the renegades has suffered a dangerous malfunction, threatening them with more than just exposure.

Trapped on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic, March and Christian must stop the insane robot before someone else dies. All the evidence points to March being the killer's next victim.


“Why are you here? To spout more nonsense?” Spitting mad, Monica reared up in her enemy’s face.

“Not at all.” March’s hand flashed, almost too rapidly for Monica to see, and came down hard below her nose in a Judo-like attack.

Shocked and in pain, she stumbled back, switching modes as she pushed off the bed. “That’s it, whore. You’re a dead woman.”

“I don’t think so,” her rival gritted out, hands braced on her hips, her expression as cold and hard as her mediocre brown eyes. She shook her head. “Look, Monica, I know you’re aware of your actions. I’m going to give you a chance. You must deactivate until we can safely transport you to Dr. Cross for testing. Surely, you know something is wrong.”

“As they say in the films, you and whose army?” She squared her shoulders, preparing to strike without notice. “I didn’t do anything to that bloody dog. I didn’t do anything to you, fool.”

“You didn’t mention Anne.” The other woman seized Monica’s arm. “What did you do to Anne?”

Claws out, Monica lunged. March darted beneath her guard, stabbing at a spot beneath her left earlobe. Monica shoved her back. “Looking for my off switch, fool? It’s well hidden, like where Ms. Goodie Two Shoes wouldn’t even think about going.”

Her insane human rival stood at the locked door, her stance as much as saying to leave Monica would have to get past her. No prob. She stalked toward her rival, murder in her eyes. March didn’t move. When Monica threw a punch at her eye, she moved by the gods.

The American bitch lurched back, crossing her arms across her face, anticipating Monica’s next attack. Forearm struck forearm. A human bone should break, but March stood her ground, her limb intact. She recovered too quickly, dealing Monica a hard blow beneath her cheekbone, barely missing her eye, slamming her back against the wall.

“I don’t know what you are, March Morgan,” she sneered. “But it’s not going to save your butt.”

“No, but I am.” Looking like an avenging angel, Christian—in a Houston t-shirt and khaki shorts, his long hair disheveled—had somehow appeared behind March without either of them hearing.


Linda Nightingale’s Life for Sale takes the characters from Love for Sale and sets them on a dangerous adventure for these androids posing as human. After fleeing at the end of the first book, they are trying to hide from the watchful eye of Mayfair, but decide a reunion is in order. One of the four, however, is suffering a murderous malfunction. The resulting story is not so much a murder mystery as it is a study of a chaotic mind, albeit lab created, yet eerily human in its madness. Nightingale has seamlessly made the unbelievable believable for the reader with a totally unexpected, but thoroughly satisfying ending to this duet. Imaginative premise, well developed characters and an insight into a mind gone wrong make this a great read…S. Hutchinson

Amazon -
More to come! 

 Interested in More? Check out book one in the Tomorrow's Angels series:

Mayfair Electronics has created life.

In Love for Sale, the high-tech electronics company, in black and white, offers “love for sale”. Mayfair has engineered sentient androids indistinguishable from humans. March Morgan flies to England and meets the man she has been searching for her entire life. Christian requires no programming to love March at first sight, but her past and his future soon threaten their happiness—and their lives.


After 14 years in Texas, Linda returned home to her roots in the South Carolina red clay. She has eight published novels, four of which are available from in audio. For many years, she bred, trained and showed the magnificent Andalusian horses. So, she’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer. She’s won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers’ Magnolia Award for Excellence, the Raven Award, and the SARA Merritt. In real life, she was a legal assistant.


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  1. I love learning about people's journey to publication. Best of luck with your new book!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I appreciate the visit, and wish you luck on your present and future projects.

  2. Love your cover and both your real life story and the excerpt. Best of luck. D. V. 🦉

    1. Thanks! The covers are good for the series. I think my real life story is shared by a few authors, and I wanted to confirm they aren't alone. haha

  3. Amber, I wanted to thank you for having me as a guest today. You're a good hostess!

  4. Oh, that sounds like a terrific story! Best on it!

    1. Thanks, Ilona. I enjoyed writing both these sci-fi romances. I've been told I should stay in one genre, but I jump all around the sub-genres. Like my favorite bumper sticker, "I tried to contain myself, but I escaped."


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