Sunday, May 3, 2020

#BookReview – “The Touch of the Dragon” by M.L. Guida


She wants to keep her powers safe. He wants to use them. Can two hearts from different worlds mend their differences to unite in a passionate love?
Sunshine was only born five years ago. Her boundless power aged her almost overnight to a beautiful young woman. Only she can control the time travel amulet that will lead her to save three dragon eggs that possess the powers of the Fates.
But her enemy is pursuing her.
Rhain is a Bravian dragon and bent on stealing the amulet for his father. But his father’s growing obsession is wearing down on him. He wants to escape, but being flung through time isn’t what he expected.
Can the enemies to lovers open their hearts or will their past tear them apart?


In this Magic, New Mexico series novella, dragon shifter Rhain is working for his obsessive father, Ian, and a cruel voodoo priestess in order to find a magical amulet.
Sunshine is part dragon but doesn’t have the ability to shape shift. After a witch tasks Sunshine and Rhain for an urgent mission—they have to save the lives of three sisters who are fated mates to three unborn dragons—she has no choice but to trust Rhain with her life.
I really liked Sunshine and Rhain. They were strong, intelligent, and personable characters.
A little bit of background info… Several authors are writing for the Magic, New Mexico series and are creating their own mini-series within the larger group set. This book sets up the next three books to come in Ms. Guida’s individual series. After a little bit of research online, I realized the dragons in this story are from the same race of dragons in another series from Ms. Guida. Even though I haven’t read those books, I wasn’t confused reading this novella. The amount of world building was kept to a minimum, but there was enough to keep me interested.
There are, however, some loose ends/unanswered questions. Why did Marta abandon Theo, and what’s going to happen now that she’s back? How did Ian and the priestess escape the town? With luck, these questions and more will be cleared up in later books.
This story needs an edit to fix misplaced commas, misspellings, and the wrong form of a word being used, and to add in missing words. Content and plot-wise, everything flowed well. The pacing is fast and kept driving the narrative.
Overall, I enjoyed this story for the characters and plot.
3.5 Stars

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