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#BookSpotlight - "Club Crave" series by Marie Tuhart

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Amber.

I thought I’d talk about writing four short stories that all take place at the same time on game night at the club.

My publisher The Wild Rose Press put out a call for short stories between 5,000 to 7,000 words. Now, I haven’t written that short in years, but thought, this could be fun. I won’t say it wasn’t fun, it was, but it was also work.

I came up the idea of four couples in different stages of their relationships who are friends and all go to game night at the local BDSM club where they belong.

It’s not easy to show conflict and romance in a short story, but I worked hard and made sure there was conflict and romance, plus growth of the characters in some way.  One day I might revisit Club Crave and do some full length stories on other couples, but for now, I really enjoyed writing these four stories and I hope readers enjoy them too.

More of You

Up until now, Anna Carson's relationship with Chris Peterson has been strictly D/s play. He's had a vanilla girlfriend. Anna has respected that boundary, but the sexy Dom is no longer attached. Now, Anna is ready to be more than his submissive. Game night at Club Crave is the perfect place to make her move, if only she can face her fears and be bold enough to ask her Dom for more...

A bell sounded, and Master Jason took to the small stage. The room went quiet.

“Good evening, friends, welcome to game night. You are the first fifteen couples who RSVPed to the event invitation.” Master Jason’s voice was loud and cheerful.

“Tonight’s game comes with a twist.” He lifted a shoe-size box and shook it. “Inside this box are pieces of paper with your tasks for the game. All the items you will need to play tonight will be provided. The normal club safewords apply. Have an issue with the task? See me once everyone has chosen.”

“This sounds interesting,” Tanner said.

“Intriguing twist. That’s why we were told not to bring our play bags,” Chris said.

“You are not to share your task with others once you’ve drawn. You will read it, then get your submissive and follow the directions.” Master Jason looked out over the crowd. “Dom Chris, you are first.”

More of You is available at:

Reflections of You

Engaged couple Paige Thomas and Tanner Adams enjoy a little kink both inside and outside of Club Crave. But lately, Paige has been pulling away from Tanner, and he's determined to discover why before it's too late. Game night at the club fits his plans perfectly to push Paige to her limits to save their relationship.


Tanner took a deep breath and strode up to the stage. He dipped his hand into the box, pulled out a piece of paper, and opened it. Take your D/s relationship to a new level, respect hard limits, but push those you can. Enjoy yourselves and indulge in your fantasies. Please see a DM for instructions on where you will play.

Tanner turned away from the stage and glanced over at Paige. She was staring at him, her blue eyes wide. Olivia stood slightly behind Paige and stared at him hard, then she pulled the fabric of her dress away from her body and pointed to Paige.

He dipped his head in acknowledgement. He wasn’t exactly sure what Olivia was trying to tell him, but he had a feeling it had to do with the clothing he’d picked for Paige. He took Paige by the hand, led her over to the Dungeon Master, and handed him the task.

The DM read it, stared at them for a moment, then pointed over Tanner’s shoulder. “Room five,” he said.

Paige’s sigh of relief was loud, but Tanner didn’t say anything. Instead, he led her up the stairs. Room five wasn’t one they’d played in before. At the door, he turned the knob, pushed it open, and gestured for Paige to enter.

Reflections of You is available at:

Bound to Love You

Rachel Nelson and Boyd Phillips have been married for short time, enjoying kink at home as well as at Club Crave. Bondage has always been a hard limit for the feisty sub, thought it's something she knows her sexy yet caring Dom wants to try. Can game night help her push past her fears and take their relationship to the next level?


Rachel Nelson smiled as she walked into Club Crave with her husband, Boyd. They’d been married for six months now; the best six months of her life. She’d never been happier. She’d found a man who enjoyed kink as much as she did.

Game night was always fun, yet tonight, her nerves were stretched tight. The past few weeks at the club, Boyd had wanted to try bondage, and she had kept putting him off. Game night always pushed a subs boundaries a bit, and she could only hope he didn’t push too far.

The club wasn’t crowded yet. She glanced around but didn’t see any of her friends. Anna,
Paige, and Olivia had told her at lunch yesterday they would be there. Especially since game night was for select couples.

Excited for tonight?” Boyd asked, raising their joined hands so he could kiss the back of hers.

“Yes, Sir. Game night is always fun.” Anticipation warred with her taut nerves.

“Good.” With his free hand, he brushed a lock of her hair away from her face. “Your hair is falling down.”

She automatically raised her hand to her head. Dang it, the pins were already coming loose. “Yes, Sir. Excuse me while I go to the ladies’ room.”   

“Let me. It’s my fault since I messed it up.” Boyd turned her around, and his hands slid into her hair. She shivered as he pulled the pins out, then gathered her hair and put the pins back in.

Bound to Love You is available at:

Hot For You

Olivia Myers and Aaron Evans have been married and enjoying kink for a while, and they take their roles as mentors for other Dom/subs at Club Crave seriously. But Olivia is afraid of fire play, something her patient Dom has always wanted to try. Can she brave the flames for the sexy Dom she loves? 


Olivia’s anticipation ramped up. What kind of task would Aaron pull? Knowing Master Jason, it could be anything.

“Dom Aaron.” 

Olivia’s blood heated as she watched her man go up to Master Jason and pull their task out of the box. Aaron read it then motioned to Master Jason.  Olivia frowned. What had he pulled that would force him to talk to Master Jason? 

She shifted from one foot to the other as the men talked, and then, the DM was called over. Apprehension overtook the excitement coursing through her body. The three men talked then broke apart. 

Hot For You is available at:

Marie Tuhart lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Marie loves to read and write, when she’s not writing, she spends time with family, traveling and enjoying life.
Marie is a multi-published author with The Wild Rose Press, Trifecta Publishing and does some self-publishing. To be alerted on new releases on Amazon or  Book Bub. Also you can join Marie’s newsletter where she gives her group advance information on her books, runs contests and does giveaways just for newsletter readers. Marie can also be found on GoodreadsPinterestTwitter, and Facebook.

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