Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#BookReview – “Dark Magic” by Christine Feehan


Young Savannah Dubrinsky is a mistress of illusion, a world-famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions. But there is one—Gregori, the Dark One—who holds her in terrifying thrall. Whose cold silver eyes and heated sensuality send shivers of danger, of desire, down her slender spine.

With a dark magic all his own, Gregori—the implacable hunter, the legendary healer, the most powerful of Carpathian males—whispers in Savannah's mind that he is her destiny. That she was born to save his immortal soul. And now, here in New Orleans, the hour has finally come to claim her. To make her completely his. In a ritual as old as time . . . and as inescapable as eternity.


In the fourth book of the Dark/Carpathian series, Savannah Dubrinsky is a world-famous magician. She a Carpathian—a species of psychic people who survive off blood and walk in the night—but she rejects her heritage and the powerful man destiny has chosen for her. When her lifemate finally comes for her, Savannah’s life turns upside down.
Gregori is the healer of the Carpathian people and the most feared individual among them. He walks a fine line, always on the edge of madness. He needs the one woman who completes him and can shine light into his dark, dangerous life, but Savannah is terrified of him. Still, without her, he either has to walk into the sun and die, or lose his soul and become a vicious vampire. Gregori claims her for his own, but he has a terrible secret, a sin he committed in his past to tie Savannah to him, and he believes the truth will tear her away from him forever.
I’ve always liked the cold, stoic Gregori in the books that take place before and after this one (I’ve read most of the series), but I find Gregori hard to handle in his own story. I understand and sympathize with the horrible life he’s led and the eternal emptiness he’s felt, but his treatment of Savannah, especially the first time they slept together, is inexcusable. Most of the Carpathian men are alphas and all are determined to protect their women, but Gregori’s possessiveness and need to control everything Savannah does, even for her own good, is unsettling. Savannah is determined to live her life as she pleases, despite his mandates, but by midway through the book, she willingly falls under his thumb.
It’s weird Gregori’s last name of Daratranznoff wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the book.
The best part, however, is the introduction of Gary, the human scientist who befriends Gregori and Savannah. He’s one of my favorite characters in the series, and I love seeing him grow and adapt as the series progresses.
Though I like the compelling storytelling, I was sometimes confused since the author jumps from one POV to another in the same chapter and even in the same paragraph at times. The language is verbose with detailed description of scenery and emotions, but I’ve always preferred too much description rather than too little.
While this book isn’t one of my favorites in the series, I like Gregori and Savannah as a couple once he finally learns to loosen up. This book leads right up to the next book, Julian’s story, and I absolutely love that one.
3 Stars

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