Saturday, September 14, 2019

#BookReview – “Sea of Change” by Shelley Munro


A sexy face in the crowd…

Orca shifter Asia Bolino can’t believe the gorgeous cutie is Roman Anderson. They belong to enemy tribes, but she’d love to run her fingers over his…assets. Roman doesn’t recognize her, and in a moment of weakness, Asia agrees to a late-night date, a little forbidden pleasure.

Someone attacks Roman while he waits for Asia. Aware of his shifter status, Asia does the only thing she can—she takes him back to her apartment. The problem is when he regains consciousness, he thinks they’re married. He parades around her apartment wearing nothing but a smile, and Asia is weak. She succumbs to his charm and skilful loving. Hip-deep in lies, she’s aware the sensual bubble might burst at any moment. That might mean bloodshed, and she can’t allow that to happen. Worse, Roman doesn’t seem to recall he’s a shifter.

Asia struggles with guilt while melting at Roman’s touch. Nothing can come of their relationship, and now it seems someone knows the truth and they’re both in danger.


A thousand years ago, the Orca shape-shifters in the waters around Australia divided into two tribes and have warred ever since. Lately, the war has frizzled into distrust and a firm belief that the tribes should never mingle. They live and work among humans but keep their own communities.
Asia Bolino, a member of the Transient tribe, knows she should leave sexy Roman Anderson alone. He’s the leader of the Resident tribe, and he’s been busy trying to stop a civil war among his people. When he approaches her in the nightclub where she sings, she’s relieved he doesn’t recognize her as a fellow Orca. She agrees to a date, but three strangers later attack Roman and leave him unconscious on the ground. When he wakes up, he thinks Asia is his wife, and he has no memory of his life. Even though danger lurks, Asia follows along with his delusions but never expected to fall in love in the process.
I really liked Asia and Roman. They’re strong, funny, and determined characters. They have great chemistry and think alike in wanting to reunite the tribes. Asia has an overprotective family, and I really liked the way they finally supported her relationship with Roman. His friends are great, especially Victor, and I wished there would’ve been more about them.
For a novella, this story had a lot of sex scenes, which slowed the pacing a little. It’s told in third POV, in both the H/h’s voice, with proper scene breaks. I don’t think I noticed any typos. I’ve never read a romance book about Orcas, and I really enjoyed it. I definitely recommend it if you want something a little different from all the werewolves and werebears out there.
4.5 Stars

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