Friday, July 26, 2019

#BookReview – “Secret Husband” by Normandie Alleman


Psyche's new husband only appears to her at night and she's not allowed to see him.

At first she finds this strange, but before long she falls so deeply in love with him, she forgets all about the unusual conditions of her arranged marriage.

But once she hears the rumor that her husband is actually a monster, she becomes obsessed with discovering the truth. Determined not to be deceived, she finally unmasks the man she loves, and risks destroying the one relationship that has brought her happiness.


In the 21st century, the Greek Gods of Olympus have returned to earth in order to rule and create some semblance of peace, but are leaning closer toward control. Everything is now high-tech and digital. Marriages are now arranged among the humans, who are considered little better than chattel, and love is no longer a necessity for most couples.
Psyche enters into an arranged marriage with a man she’s never met in order to pay off her father’s gambling debts. She’s a celebrity and longs for the simple life, which she finds in the arms of her sensual, secretive, and faceless husband Q.
I liked Psyche for the most part, but I didn’t understand why she never asked Q why she couldn’t see his face. She accepted his unusual rules very easily. Since the story is told only from her POV, I didn’t connect well with Q. Even though he later explains his reasons for his deception, Psyche is still made out to be the person in the wrong, not him.
I’m very familiar with the Psyche and Cupid myth, having read it often as a child, and I found this modern retelling interesting and fun. Other than a few minor typos, this novella is well written and fast-paced. I would like to read more stories by Ms. Alleman, especially the ones about Greek myths retold.
4 Stars

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