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#BookBlast - "The Problem with Witches" by Joey W. Hill #Giveaway

The Problem with Witches
Crossover Novel between The Arcane Shot Series & Knights of the Boardroom Series!
Genre: Paranormal


Ben O'Callahan has had a long day. The last thing he wants is to find a couple witches and two guys who claim to be "Guardians," aka sorcerer-style cops, lying in wait for him on the parking deck of the K&A offices. But he has information they need, about a dark witch from his past who may have plans to destroy New Orleans. Well, screw that. This is his town. Much as he'd prefer to go home to his beautiful submissive and a nice steak, a knight knows when it's time to don the armor and go fight evil. Only in this case, his lady isn't the type to wait at home. Marcie is going to fight for the city, right by his side, with the Guardians and witches who know that love is the one thing that evil can't defeat. Not if the will is strong enough. 



In The Problem with Witches, two popular characters from Joey W. Hill’s contemporary Knights of the Board Room series cross paranormal lines to join Mikhael and Raina of In the Company of Witches, in an attempt to save the city of New Orleans…

* * *
Drip, drip, drip.

Just a leaky pipe, he told himself, shrugging it off. Ben glanced at his watch. He’d told Marcie he’d run late tonight, so when he got home, he anticipated finding her on the small nook balcony of their Garden District home. She’d be nested into the wrought iron garden chair she’d repainted a cheerful blue and placed amid the forest of blooming potted bougainvillea there. She’d have a glass of wine at her elbow, her sneakered feet propped on the rail. Her lovely face would be creased in concentration, strands of her silky blond hair framing her delicate features as she studied for the police academy exams. He tried to curb his demanding appetites while she was in study mode, which was part of why he’d chosen to work late, but pinning her to the wall and taking her hard before he fixed them a late dinner qualified as restraint for him. 

He’d probably want her once more when they finally went to bed, but she wouldn’t be studying then. Or when he woke at the 3am witching hour, which he often did. His beautiful submissive would murmur in her sleep, open to him, give him all of herself, as she took all of him, and then slip back into dreams, drawing him with her. His good witch, with her own special magic to counter the darkness of the bad stuff that disturbed his sleep in the middle of the night. He—

Drip, drip, drip.

Damn it. Ben paused, his brow furrowing. He tracked every foot of the parking deck, looking for the source. It was one thing to hear dripping from the eaves in the aftermath of a rain shower. They hadn’t had rain in three days, and this drip was like the leak from a rusty pipe, something heard underground. He didn’t like it. 

Two vehicles were on the top covered level of their parking deck, the McLaren and Lucas’s Outback, since he’d biked home this afternoon, the maniac. 

Only two cars, but the parking deck wasn’t empty.

Ben didn’t carry a gun. He was glad as hell his wife carried and knew how to use the concealed Glock she favored. But he’d learned to fight and survive without one. Had killed without one. The ability to handle a situation with wits and whatever weapons were close to hand was a skillset he’d never abandon. Never wanted to get out of the habit. 

It came in handy when a couple of assholes were trying to corner him on his own parking deck at work. 

“If you don’t come out of the shadows, the security cams can’t show me kicking your asses on YouTube. I’ve had a long day, I’ve got a beautiful woman waiting on me at home, and a good sirloin. So show yourselves, let’s get this done, or fuck off.”

The shadows to the right moved. Ben set down the briefcase and put his car at his back. As soon as the cameras did show whoever was approaching him, the alert team Kensington & Associates employed would be on their way to clean up what he left in a crumpled mess on the concrete. The cameras should have already tracked what he was dealing with, but apparently the bastards had knocked out a couple lights on that side. 

The big son of a bitch who emerged wasn’t what Ben was expecting. He wore a cowboy hat, for fuck’s sake. He also carried a white ash staff, very Gandalf-like, that didn’t blend with the worn jeans and dark blue button down he wore. But it did work with his boots, which might have been snake or alligator skin but was neither, at least no species Ben had ever seen. The scales were bronze and silver, with tinges of iridescent color. The guy wasn’t wearing them as a fashion accessory. They were scuffed, well-used.

His face was lined and rugged. Maybe forty-something, until you reached the steel-blue eyes, and then Ben thought he was looking at someone—or something—way beyond room for candles on his birthday cake. Unless the expanse of buttercream frosting was the size of a football field.

The set of the guy’s mouth and jaw said cop to Ben, no matter the odd get-up. Too often in his youth, Ben had been on the opposite side of the law, so that cop-vibe was another instinct that never went away. Yeah, he got the irony. Ben’s own wife was studying to join the blue line. God help him. 

Asshole number two stepped into the light a few feet away from Cowboy Gandalf. This one had the same cop vibe, was also tall and broad-shouldered, though he presented himself quite differently. His black suit was a Brioni bespoke, Ben was certain of it, a four- or five-figure investment. No Lord of the Rings staff for this one, but there was an odd energy vibrating around him. 

His gaze was so dark Ben couldn’t detect pupil from iris, as if that wasn’t eerie as fuck. The guy’s hair was dark, thick and silky, yet there was nothing pretty boy about the eyes. That darkness ranked up there with vampire movie effects, not so easy to laugh off in the middle of the night.

But he’d faced a lot scarier things.

“Getting bored,” he said sharply. “I do have office hours. What do you want?”

“A voodoo priestess named Elagra Bluebird Jones,” said Cowboy Gandalf.

Okay, that was one of the scarier things.

It was perhaps the last thing Ben would expect someone to say to him. Yet it wasn’t a surprise to hear it, because somewhere way deep down in his gut, he’d always known he’d have to deal with her again. 

Out of all the disturbing things that woke him at 3am, one of them actually was a witch.

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In honor of the alliance between Ben & Marcie and Mikhael & Raina in The Problem with Witches, during the whole month of June, Hostile Takeover (Ben and Marcie's story) and In the Company of Witches (Mikhael and Raina's story) will be available for $2.99 each (normally $4.99).


Winner of the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award, Joey W. Hill has published almost fifty contemporary and paranormal BDSM erotic romances, including six series. Her emotionally-intense love stories offer everything from vampires, mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple housemaids. With her books, she hopes readers won’t “look past the sex,” but instead will “look within it,” and find a story that can touch not just the body, but also the heart and soul. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE Joey Hill's stories although I confess that I am very far behind on this series. Congrats to her on the new release!

    1. You're welcome! I haven't read any of her books, but the covers and blurbs are great.


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